Winter Comes Calling…

It’s not very late in the evening, but the streets are almost deserted. I like this quiet, these streets that I walk and have often walked on in the last six years or so. I like the haze surrounding me… the way my eyes water when I open them wide in the wind…


Silence… there isn’t a better company one can have. With my hands in the pockets of my jacket, clinging it closer to myself, I can feel a surge of strange elation as I move forward recklessly daring the winds to slash me to pieces, the mist to engulf me in it. Absolute jubilance-as inexplicable as it is intense seems to have taken over. The air is so moist that the wind seems to be washing away every trace of negativity that had settled with time.


There are a few odd people on the road. Most of them are shivering; slouched and heads bowed they are hurrying towards their destinations… it’s a rarity to see someone having a walk like me… most of such people are in pairs, talking to each other or just walking glumly looking in the opposite directions or staring at the road below. Winter blues? Who knows… 

Every beat on the face leaves it colder than before and my hands buried deep inside my pockets are freezing to ice. But I continue to walk. My feet growing lighter with every step break into a hushed dance of their own; my soul sways in rhythm… its beautiful, this moment… serene and pristine… I could walk on effortlessly forever…


Time… that’s one resource I can spend lavishly when it comes to indulgence… but  almost like a ritual, my cell phone rings breaking the spell… it’s time to get back to the daily humdrum… Some other day, I’ll get back to my little haven… Till then, so long…

P.S. : This is in the memory of all the chilling winters I’ve seen so far…Sadly this year’s been a disappointment in this respect, thanx to the all time high global warming… But I’m still hopeful…


12 thoughts on “Winter Comes Calling…

  1. In the light of new thingies???
    With the third person view???

    Is dat ur perception or ur conclusion?
    Either ways where does it derive from?
    I think u r reading way too much between the lines here Yoda…
    The only thing i can relate to is the Astute sense of isolation that i truly adore
    Thanks for replying btw… 🙂

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