The Famous Infamy

A lot has been said and written about the execution of Saddam Hussein. People are expressing their views in every opportunity that comes handy… then be it through the newspapers, the blogosphere or by climbing on the top of a tower, there aren’t many stones left unturned…


People who haven’t seen the famous cell phone video of the entire affair can be counted on fingers. What amazed me the most about the whole event was the grace (yes you read it right) with which Saddam handled his death. Not at any point does he seem scared or cornered. I don’t understand Arabic, but thanks to the newspapers I had easy translation of the dialogues that had been exchanged available. It requires superhuman presence of mind to retort with the panache Saddam exhibited so effortlessly. And it requires hatred bred since yester lives to treat a man about to die at the hands of his own adversaries the way Saddam was treated till moments before his death.


I know for sure that there’s no one who can be termed as heroic here… what is truly tasking is answering who is more evil? The tyrant who ruled over Iraq from ’79 to ’03, did mass murders on grounds of discrimination, killed all those he feared could bring about a coup, waged wars against various countries, scaled Iraq’s economy to new heights exploiting its oil resources in it’s best interests, and brought about industrialization in this otherwise agriculture dominated country? Or the self anointed messiah’s of the world who have worn the veil of altruism to hide their own vested interests and have successfully made a mess out of a situation that I’m sure could have been entirely avoided? Or the present government of Iraq under Mr. Javad-Al-Maliki that has won neither confidence nor respect from the fellow Iraqis?


No matter what conclusions derive, no matter how long the debate continues and no matter how many more people die in Iraq in support or opposition of one thing or the other… It’s all immaterial now… The fact remains…


Saddam was hanged on the first day of Eid-Ul-Adha, December 30, 2006 at 6:00 am Arabic Standard Time, as Bush slept peacefully in his ranch in Texas.

There is no God but God and Mohammed is His prophet… 

Whose side would God and His Mohammed take here? The answer is beyond me…


4 thoughts on “The Famous Infamy

  1. dun kid me!
    as if u actually dint know abt Maliki!
    N as for the toll…I doubt it if the stats r official…n if its true..i dun want to know how many Iraqis lost their lives!

  2. Hello parul!

    I heartily agree with your feedback on my “bangalore gets saddamized”. People try to do stuff for all the crappy reasons they can think of.

    I have to tell this again, but this blog template is one of the best things i have ever seen.

    over and out…

  3. thanx. And Nope! Not read 1984 but if its worth it, it would definitely go on my reading list. If u have any other books in mind, do tell since i am into reading, bigtime

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