The Indian Inertia

I was going through the papers the other day and they had run a survey asking kids about the relevance of The Republic Day.  These were school going kids between 8 to 13 years of age. Some began with “I think…” some said it was just another holiday, while very few went on to say they would like to get out of the country as soon as possible. I did not mind the first two, in fact I didn’t mind the last category either, but it did take me by surprise… The reaction seemed out of place. It seemed too orthodox to sound convincing even as another perspective.


Like we are all aware, the age group these kids belong to is too young to have a well defined thought process of its own. In a way, the response was reflective of the general attitude of the country. It’s not surprising, whatever the survey suggested… We do run into people who recite rants of plain disgust for the place. And these people are no villagers or small towners… these are people living in the cosmopolitan cities of India. Having said that, I wish to add that patriotism to the extent of fanaticism is again not befitting keeping in mind the current times we are in. What seems to be lacking however, is awareness.


India and China are slated to lead The States by 2042, but how many people know about it? India’s is the second largest growing economy in the world, which is of course suggested by the ever increasing Mall-o-mania gripping the country, but then again, people are busy searching for brands that are yet to arrive in the country than what is there in front of them. There are new companies venturing into the country and the existing ones are in the process of broadening their base… There are a plethora of similar examples that advocate the fact that the old times are way behind, but somehow, the point is yet to settle in…


I guess it’s more of a problem of inertia than anything else… it’s the old dogma that has stayed despite the changed times. Though we have moved way ahead of the old times, the shadows of the past still linger… It will take time, to wipe off the image built all along the years since independence…  That is not to say that we have been able to do away with all the ghosts surrounding us. Casteism is very much a reality, and so is female feticide. Corruption, though reduced still entangles the bureaucracy intricately. But to say the place is doomed would be as wrong as naming the night as eternal.


To sum it all up, I guess its sheer lack of wakefulness and abundance of inertia that have made some of us so unappreciative of the obvious. Extending it a little further, don’t you think the (in)famous Jade Goody too was suffering from something similar? When we as people residing in the country fail to recognize the new and changed India, the female has never even been here. I’d rather feel sorry for her ignorance the way I do for some of my fellow countrymen than create such furor about the whole affair.


Let’s see how much longer it takes for the masses both in India and outside to accept and sustain the new and revived image of India. Inertia after all is a phenomenon associated with transition…  


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