Inter Alia

Life can surprise you to the extent that the events leave you too numb to feel the magnanimity and oddity of it all. It takes a second to change a course one thought as the very destination all along. What’s most amazing is that even the memory of what had been an unmoving reality for all these years seems too unreal to have ever happened.

Time is just about as unforgiving as it is severe. Wish as you may, it never comes back, it never moves ahead… It just stays… It stays on with you struggling to hold a little bit of the past, striving to escape a little bit of the existing.

Let go…easier said than done…

Live it… harder than it seems…

Despite the brisk recurrence, we continue to oscillate between these two extremes, continue to go through the blueprints that never cease to repeat themselves, with a freshness they least merit but always command.

Rant as prosaic beings like myself may, life keeps living in any way it chooses. And we, the lesser ones, follow its lead.

Exuberance and exhilaration, grief and anguish, fear and incredulity… emotions take turns to surface themselves… In whatever form that fills its fancy, life just continues…


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