Dew Drops

It’s early in the morning… I guess too early for the humanity to rise and catch up. As I walk on this familiar road, feeling the serene salubrious ambience, I feel resurrected, reborn.

I wish there were more people here. I wish I could call someone right now without having to talk, without having to explain my call. I often feel the need to be transported to different people at different times to share moments that could have had meaning had these people been around.

Trance is my normal state of being. Lost in my subliminal thoughts, I move ahead taking in the beauty of the silence surrounding me.

With the dawn approaching, I can see some birds flying above me in groups. They fly in a specific pattern. Each group, almost identical, flies in the same direction. I see none of them clashing in their flight. I don’t see anyone trying to break the pattern and start on its own. There’s a method to their activity, and every one of them seems to be following it. Is this a consequence of mutual respect? Hmm… And they say we are the superior most of all the species,I wonder vaguely. But this is not the time for reformative thinking.

Moving on, I focus my attention on the weeds grown at the sideways of the road. They are lively green in color and appear too fresh for a living thing that has endured all the toxic smoke coming from vehicles that crowd this currently empty road. Morning Greens? Maybe… As I watch the glistening green color of these little unwanted menaces on the sidewalk, I wonder what it is that’s so unwanted about these weeds? If their parasitic behavior is worthy of them being ploughed out of existence, then so should be for all those who decided over this persecution procedure. No, don’t think about all that again!I shout at myself in my thoughts… acquiescing meekly, I continue to look at the naïve greenery unknown of its plight. One close look and I can see dew settled on them.

Dew Drops… though there’s no logic to back myself, but each time I see these tiny droplets of the most pristine of waters, I am convinced that the world despite of all the deformations down the centuries, still has virtue left to it. They bring with them a hope that not all has gone sour… We still stand a chance of surviving through our conniving manipulations calling for our own early annihilation in future.DO NOT THINK OF ALL THAT! The voice is almost threatening now…

It’s getting brighter and I can see some activity on the so far empty road. I look at the sky above. There are fewer birds flying now. I look at the greenery below; it seems to have steeled itself for the all that lies ahead. The dew has dissolved into oblivion. I turn to take the road back home. I don’t belong here. With my head bowed, I walk in hasty steps avoiding contact with the known faces. The moments are gone now, there’s nothing to share…


8 thoughts on “Dew Drops

  1. well, don’t know about the humanity
    but at that time some insane humans are up and working
    preparing for the day and the surprises that it may throw
    but these insane humans are not lucky like u
    to experience the birds, the morning greens
    coz they are already in the blues!

    Ah! when was the last time i saw the sun rise or set?

    now its me who wants to be transported to a different time
    and i don;t know what number to dial 😦

  2. @Rajeev
    Thanx,Thanx and well…never mind

    Good to hav u around again…

    This is all n imagination…
    Wishful Thinking like they choose to call it…
    try to wear ur imagination cap smetime…u’ll b transported to a different time im sure…and those numbers wuldnt evade ur memory dat easy… 🙂
    AND on second thoughts…I was born Velli…No blues for me! hehehe…

    All thanx to u!

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