Dooms day Closing By?

Seen those big, hideous creatures hovering in the sky over cadavers… yes I’m referring to vultures… I’ve despised them all my life… those little beasts that feed on the flesh of the dead… The very sight of these creatures leaves me sick to the stomach… I avert my eyes without even noticing the frown that appears on my forehead…


Well that’s not my point of writing this… recently while I was mindlessly surfing through the news channels( one doesn’t need mind for this particular exercise these days), I saw those loathsome creatures again on my TV screen… much to my dislike, my index finger refused to oblige… so there I sat staring disbelievingly at my screen, wishing it could blast into pieces then and there… a part of me was wondering what it was that made the news channel stoop this low…I mean it was tolerable till these people were senselessly discussing what xyz was wearing at the Cannes or how a family felt at the death of a kinsman( is that not obvious?)… But this was beyond my wildest imaginations!


While I was in the process of exercising my share of profanities for the channel, I was pacified by the voice of the news reader… it was shocking what I was hearing… it couldn’t be true… in the last 10 years or so, 97% of the vultures are dead…!


This had my head reeling! I did a fast forward to peep into the world 75 yrs from now… all these creatures like vultures, pigeons, pandas, deers etc would b extinct!
And humans? How long would earth be able to support us after all the desecration we’ve subjected it to… I don’t know… I don’t want to know…

(Guess I can’t let bygones be bygones… A yet another post from the other blog… This was written on May 28,2006)


5 thoughts on “Dooms day Closing By?

  1. Nice template!
    And Whoa!! What a downpour!!
    (Wrt to the ‘tareef-tareef-types’ comments on previous posts..)
    I guess i just discovered ur b’day gift this year.. An umbrella!!! 😛

    And am glad u changed the template.. The whole look was getting a bit too sombre.. Template and posts and everything else..

  2. hey
    thats a cool template!
    interesting…but don’t you think you should write as many new posts as the new templates you experiment with.
    Everytime i check in here, i find interesting new template containing recycled posts – LOLZZZZZ

    (sorry, if mind the kidding)

  3. It was a busy month i had…
    N as it is, i like to go at my own pace…
    wats the point in filling the space wid stuff jus for the heck of it…
    n thnx..
    i love this template too!

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