Quest for Eldorado

‘This is the most graceless end expected’ said I, while she stared in vacuum smiling vacantly…’ No, this is the most unexpected graceless end possible…’ I corrected myself, while she continued to stare in vacuum smiling vacantly…

A yet another knitting out of obsessive compulsive pursuance of my otherwise dim cerebrum.

He lay there shunned by silence,
Gazing through watery eyes…
He strained to see through the distance,
Defiant muscles refusing to rise…

He tried hard to listen,
The bugle that never played…
He gathered his sprits to summon
The courage to move ahead…

But Ahead reached nowhere,
With darkness all around…
‘It went wrong somewhere’
He could hear the voice growing loud…

’I began with the purest heart,
I pursued it till the end’
But the voice now testy and tart
Shouted, ’Then name thy fiend!’

‘The Wind!’   fought back poor traveller…
‘The wind, it blew so hard,
I lost my strength and fervor,
Trying to know the will of Lord’

This time the voice said nothing,
A shrill laugh filling the void,
‘So how is it dying and rotting,
After all the dreams you foiled?’

He closed his eyes in submission
Tasting his mud soaked blood…
‘I followed The Lord’s rendition’
Were the last of his words…


4 thoughts on “Quest for Eldorado

  1. ah!
    miss wordsworth!
    let me go through it again and then try to figure out if my dimly lit cerebral matter manages to evoke a spark of enlightenment or will i continue to search for the ever elusive bodh gaya tree when it comes to poetry LOLZZZ

    (complain: why did u change the template? yesterday’s one was pretty good)

  2. yeah, the template was very good…but it wasnt convenient when it came to writing posts…had certain drawbacks…so u c, i had changed the template without posting nething due to this very reason!

    n as for this incomprehensible thingy..thanx for being so polite…i dint expect ne comments on this one simply bcos its, well…kinda hanging midway with no head or tail…its got sme relevance wid my life’s status quo…tried to camouflage things so much ki yeh kuchh aisa ban gaya…lolz!

  3. oops am sorry to make your status quo seem incomprehensible!!!
    (kindly adjust my pj’s, and u can adjust them in the bin – lol)

    but on a serious note, take it from me
    more incomprehensible our lives’ status quo is, the better it is
    as, understanding of the status quo brings in expectations
    which then go on to, as u say, hang midway!

    by the way u just told me that u r not a chameli……..on (girgit)
    coz u aren’t good at camouflaging – LOLZ

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