God Bless The Heavens…!

It feels grand to see Delhi turn into a Shimla in the last few days… The days of scorching heat and acute sunstroke seem too distant to ever have been real… It’s so beautiful, that I’m hardly ever online… Who’d want to while away precious time indoors when there’s pure divinity outside…!

And that reminds me…Where did I throw my umbrella in despair some days back??

Adios People! 😀


2 thoughts on “God Bless The Heavens…!

  1. grrrrrrrrrr
    u messed up my day completely today.
    Started missing “The Mint” on ur mention of it in the comment
    and when i reach here, i find u talking about Delhi
    …leaving me terribly nostalgic.

    I think till the good times last in Delhi (ie. till Holi) your blog’ll talk of Delhi
    and so i’d better opt not to browse over here to avoid messing my days 😉


    go, enjoy the rains and that smell of soil/mud.
    will u care to have a chilled milkshake at caventers while standing in the rain on my behalf, please?

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