Mundane Meanderings…

The day hadn’t started on a pleasant note, with her mom cribbing about scanty contacts and calls that were getting scantier by the day. The hasty coffee just before leaving the office hadn’t helped the throbbing headache owing to the burgeoning work log that just wouldn’t reduce. And finally when her car broke down a few Kms from her house on her way back from the office, she seriously considered a cosmic plot hovering over her somewhere…

The car hadn’t been very considerate in selecting the location for her peaceful slumber. What lay ahead of her was this dimly lit, deserted street which looked more like a cleaved path between the backside of the houses on either sides of it. The dwellers of these houses complemented the eerie street. She used to avoid this street on normal days when she had her car to go round and take the longer route home. But with nothing but her feet as her loyal allies, the choices weren’t many.

With the car locked and the windows checked, she hesitantly set off towards the street only to stop after a few steps and notice a young lad coming from the opposite side. His long hair and darkness had concealed most of his features, but even from a distance he did not seem to be belonging to the locality anymore than she did. It would get a tad bit safer if I just kept a small distance and moved almost with him. As she saw the guy approach  nearer she realized he wasn’t as young as she had presumed, but didn’t care to bother. She was concentrating hard on maintaining a confident gait, fumbling with her cellphone and slowing her speed so the guy could get into the street before she did.

Probably she was trying too hard to act, and didn’t realize the perfect act was too perfect to not cause suspicion. She almost jumped when she heard a grave voice say “You could walk with me till the end of this street if you like, it isn’t a very safe area to be on your own at this hour” …  Mumbling a thanks, she blessed the darkness for concealing most of her nervousness.

Little was said during the entire walk through the grim street. She thought of starting a general topic, but the guy didn’t seem too interested and she was too preoccupied watching her back to come up with anything intelligent. As the scary little street finally ended leading to the main road with running traffic and working streetlights, she heaved a long sigh of relief. She turned towards the stranger with an extended hand to thank him for his kindness. When she saw no one around, she thought she had just spent some 20 minutes of her life with a ghost, but before her nerves could register the revelation she saw the familiar figure a little distance from her walking towards some unknown destination.

In hurried steps she crossed the road that separated her house and her. It was getting darker, and there was a load to do…prepare a meal, make arrangements for commuting to office tomorrow, get the car taken care of, and catch up some precious sleep before hitting the pending work log in office the next day.
The stranger was forgotten, there were more pressing things on her mind…


14 thoughts on “Mundane Meanderings…

  1. kya yaar
    i come after such a long time
    and all u have is a ghost story
    don;t u know?….
    ek sardar ko raat ke 12 baje ghost story ni sunaatey

    how have u been?
    take care!

  2. I dint knw the surd stranger wuld check my “ghostly” blog at midnite…lolz! i’ll take care next time…
    all’s well at my end, thanx…

    P.S.:”Read” the post, dun just skim thru…its not a “ghost” story at all…but im not offended, given the circumstances(minutes to midnite) 😉
    N hey, since u r the analytical kinds, pls go thru the “copy n paste” post of mine(thrd from up here) ur views wuld b enlightening im sure…

  3. Something about it makes me recall the Hamdard advert.. ‘Ye bechara.. kaam ke bojh ka maara… isse chahiye hamdard ka tonic Cinkara!” 😛

    But i looovvve it! Simple and direct theme!! I feel like making a one-minute movie on it!

  4. oiiiiiiiiiiiii!
    as for the movie..i hav one in shape…
    say u(the main lead) r drivin from Shopprix..the moment u r bt to take the road dat v normally tak for shortcut, ur car breaks down…now lets shorten the rasta b/w ur house n shopprix, so dat the road in b/w is a straight one n its a katchcha sadakless wider than it is wid no street lights… and lets change the aas paas ka area as per my description in the post…n lets shift ur house to Sharat Kunj..
    so u get out of the car, ekdum annoyed..u kick the tyre, but ur foot hits some metallic part instead n it leaves u all the more annoyed…
    now our Supreme Nerd(I hope this pisses him off..I offended him coupla days back, i hope u knw! 😉 )walks by, sees u and says”Psycho, y do u hav to drive?!”(ok, sme unparalleled dialogue only he can cme up with)…then u guys are into ur favourite mudslinging act… the car, the street, the hour all forgotten…a CNG auto approaches, u decide its goin to b too pakau n routine at home…to hell with the car, the work log, the drab, lets hit NFC…
    The end scene of my movie shows the auto’s backside as it happily throws volumes of dhua in the air…(Wonder when it got its pollution check)
    Ab bata kab shuru karni hai? 😛

  5. arey yaar
    teri post read karte karte beech mein darr lag gaya tha
    so i did not dare to read further LOL 😉

    next time, room ki saari ki saari lights on kar ke read karunga
    (darr ni lagega na) and will be able to read the whole of it LOL

    Request: To correct my disposition as “analytical types” i have made sure i comment on ur copy-paste post.
    Now, go n read it and come out of the notions!

    take care.

  6. Spare me!! 😐

    On second thoughts.. It might just turn out to be worth it..

    30 seconds of the first footage.. till my car breaks down and he saunters along..
    another 15 seconds for the last bit.. driving off and ur visual of auto choking the already much pollution-choked delhi..
    And a full 2 Hour 59 Minute 15 second filmage of the mudslinging..! 😛
    Ah.. Heaven!

    wat say? 😉

    waise how did the cynic manage to smell the quid pro quo??

  7. @Tejbir
    Belated Happy Independence Day…
    Thanx for ur comments on the other post…the notion is reinstilled… 🙂

    Thanx for stopping by…
    Je suis une etudiante de fracaise albiet a casual one…
    I like the language…as for the little french words scattered around in here, those are all migratory words with French origin…

    I’m game!
    and from wat i hear, my lead actors had started taking rehearsals long bfore the movie was even conceptualised…noe dats sme dedication…!
    as for the cynic…well she just sniffed it… 😀

  8. @Matangi
    Thanks for tagging me…(Guess I’ve told u I’m ignorant abt this tagging business)
    But tag or don’t swthrt…dun say “u havnt gone thru my post”…that genuinely hurts!

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