There’s a beauty in nonchalance which I find almost liberating. It’s peaceful to walk, and walk simply for the very reason of walking. I see the reflections of my previous being stare at me pretty often, and I think it’s only a matter of time before they too will realize. Though I consider myself slower with the lesson than I ought to have been, I still find people lagging way behind. For some I guess the reality won’t dawn in this lifetime, which is a pity.

Life has a way of getting bigger and going beyond what might seem to be the focal point of one’s view. And the subtlety of the process commands veneration.

It’s exulting, from where I see it and the way I see it. To all those who are already there I apologize for being late and to all those who are on their way, I’m not really waiting, no one ever does…


23 thoughts on “Shrugged…

  1. yeah…the indra dev finally heard my prayers
    and its stopped raining which is a big respite
    in this sorta cold here.

    As for philosophy being akin to sorrow or not
    i cant say much
    but philosophy does make even happiness seem
    to wear a veil of sorrow, i believe.


  2. @Tejbir
    I wouldnt call it “sorrow” still…I think the word is grave…

    Thats the best/worst(depending upon what role u r playing) part of such writings.. the true meaning is known only to the writer…the rest can reach to interpretations of their own…

    I think such writings shuld come with a statutory note saying “To each his own”…
    as for a simple serving? How bout Thumbelina next time? πŸ˜›

    Wasie chalna banta hai…the fact that despite of that nahi chala is commendable…no? πŸ˜€

  3. LOL
    after a long gap, i happened to go to this blog of mine and find that u had left a comment there quite some days back!
    Well, the blues have been taken care of πŸ˜›

    how r u doing?

  4. @i_i
    No comments on the post…hmm…


    that’s my first comment for the year…a spl thanx for that…
    no post, cos I’m out of ideas…rather, ideas are out of my mind to make way for the other matters stuffed inside…u know like overflowing stacks… πŸ˜‰

  5. you’ve done a dandy good job on that front already…anything said further would be loading the cyber space with lots of redundancy…let’s just spare it for worse πŸ˜€

  6. OK!
    i get the market report that i am running the risk of losing a reader of my blog πŸ˜‰
    so i called a board meeting of all my facuties and we decided to offer for the interim period something which would be pretty easy to comprehend.
    check this out
    This is where i put my funny anecdotes from real life and believe me nothing is as easy to comprehend than funny part of a sardar!
    (though u might have to do some browsing of the archives since not much is happening now a days in life)

    And as for my turn of being brutally honest, I am being served stale posts week after week and i hope customer feedback is given “austere” due importance in “alacrity”

    take care!

  7. it seems the post has become so ancient that no new comments are accepted – tried over 3 times!

    check out my reply to ur last comment at my place!

  8. haan u’re rite…! I jst went thru the same problem!
    kuchh karna padega ab toh…

    got no topic to write on…nursery rhymes daalni padengi lagta hai! LOL!

  9. u lazy finger!
    taking all the advantage of even the most trival of the reasons to avoid posting something new!
    U’d even say that winters have frozen the fingers!

    (what is the code for putting a smiley “at cross”?)

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