The ‘I-Don’t-want-to-hate-you’ Exercise!

A few months before last year led the way for this one, I had attended a small workshop related to something that was to follow the workshop… but never mind that. More often than not, the specifics of interesting things fail to interest as much as the things themselves do. So, I’ll straightaway move to the interesting part of my otherwise not-so-interesting (for all save me and a few others) story.

Among a lot of other things, there was this small exercise we were asked to put into practice each time this sudden feeling of dislike or hatred crops up for someone or something. Thanks for the little practice; I managed the last couple of months without hating so many potentially hateful things. The Good Samaritan that I am, I thought I’ll share it with the opinionated world I live in.

So the exercise goes something like this: Each time you find something/someone you would so love to hate, take a pen in your left hand (assuming that you are right handed, it’s the other way round for a lefty) and write five good things about it or him/her. It doesn’t stop you from hating the thing/person, but it consumes your intellectual brain so much that your emotional brain takes a backseat and the feeling is consumed in the act of writing the uneasy things with unease. But of course, it won’t work if you are ambidextrous.

It’s an irritating little practice, but it helps if your conscience doesn’t allow you to hate people or things with the freedom you want to. Hope it helps…


 P.S. I know the title could have been better, but heck! it was a lot of pressure on my bird sized brain…!


12 thoughts on “The ‘I-Don’t-want-to-hate-you’ Exercise!

  1. it also won’t work in the following situations,

    – if you dont have hands
    – if you dont have a pen
    – if you don’t hate anyone…

    anyway just tell me who taught you this, wud be havin hell lots of time…

    all the expectations thwarted, such a long time for churning out this!!!

  2. abt this post write smthng new n good…

    btw got a nice vid clip of girls shouting out profanities frm all directions, shud I mail it to u 🙂

    naari shakti fulltu

  3. @Desh
    You seem to be stuck on a single track…move on buddy, get over things that surprised you on one lone day…life’s got better things to offer 😛 😀
    I like the “naari shakti” tag though…hehehe!

  4. As for a better post, I’m losing interest in this inane little activity now…guess i need a long break to either restart or abandon my once-upon-a-time hobby… 🙂

  5. yep yep
    me pretty stuck n bored, goin to anand for the weekend, hope thts a change frm this boring bangalore

    anyway will send u tht clip sometime 🙂

  6. wow!
    that sounds good!
    but help me with this, i am trying it for the last 3 hours since i read this post of urs:
    i hate to study “Organizational Behavior”
    now how to write good things about the study of this subject when i know there isn’t any
    (not the subject, mind u – coz i dont hate the subject but i hate studying it)

    help me, will ya?

  7. I had a bit of organisational behavior in my B.Tech…but, damn, how i hated the subject…since it wasn’t one of those techie subjects, i chose to ignore it until a night before my exam…and trust me, a night before an exam u dun have to try so hard to study any damn thing…
    but i guess u r doing ur MBA….so what i did/could do with the subject is no applicable in your case…guess, there’s no escaping it…
    so i’d say…
    Padh lo boss…I’m sure its not the first time u r hating a subject you cant escape… I have a feeling of Deja Vu each time i come across such drags in my life… hehehe!

  8. yeah, i knew that the exercise was nothing short of being stupid but was just trying my luck in getting around with my hatred for OB
    anyways after several posts it is infact hard for me to agree on the later part of the sentence in caps!

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