Lost Memory…

A typical Delhi bus with some chirpy, restless teenagers in it, bustling with energy, chatting around, amusing the rest of the junta… On arrival of one of the stops, they hug one of their own who’s about to get down and go on a new route of life, shouting adieus with mixed, confused emotions. The whole ruckus is quite an interesting site for the smiling co passengers, the conductor and the driver.

Five years on… it’s a lost memory for most. The driver, the conductor and the co passengers must have forgotten it as the bus inched away from the stop on that day. Those teens remembered it a tad longer, but not long enough to carry it on this far…

Interestingly, and perhaps, unfortunately, there was one, amongst those befuddled, bemused youngsters, who held the memory close to heart and kept revisiting it until it became indelible, almost perpetual. Too bad, there’s none left to recollect and recount it…

I sometimes wonder what’s worse… abandoning a cherished moment, or not getting to live any at all? I don’t have an answer yet…


18 thoughts on “Lost Memory…

  1. beautiful..

    i was reminded of a small local temple nearby where me n my friends used to play after school.. these days no one go there.. yet it speaks a lot- the temple.. of memories-past!

  2. very very thought provoking and sentimental.. and the best part is I can relate to it after all those bitching session we had about our friends 😀
    but dear what can u, me or anyone do.. the world is designed this way. Only if we got to keep what we truly cherish there would be no desire. But it ain’t to be and it will never be so.. But whenever u feel lost and lonely and want to tread down the memory lanes look towards me. I might not have shared a lot of years with u but I’m sure the ones I did are just as unforgettable. Even if I can’t speak equivocally rest assured I’ll lend my ears unequivocally.
    Say cheezz..
    life’s full of surprises..
    live to discover them.
    Don’t cry over the old ones
    Just becoz u found them amusing.

  3. @ Matangi
    Thanks 🙂
    one has to move ahead to look back…thats life…

    Pleasantly surprised with your comment here…
    I agree and second everything you’ve said here save one.
    Hum bitching kaha karte hain yaar…we merely discuss the “scopes for improvement” in the world around us…the good samaritans that we are… 😉

  4. okay,,first of all…which bus are you talking about ?? – School bus, DTC bus, private DTC??i mean if it is the latter two then believe me the whole situation would be hilarious…so i am assuming the former most.

    anyhooo…bareria,,dude you never traveled in school bus,,you were a hosteler your whole life.

    and now to answer the question…my personal opinion is that one must cherish his memories to be alive, but not live with it. I mean if I talk about today, i think i sincerely love that part of my life when i dropped an year. You see my bus route(Staff bus,,obviously i had a setting with the conductor) had three extremely awsome colleges in the route – kamla nehru, lSR and NIFT Delhi. Jesus man!!! thats right and i sure do cherish it. But i cant just live with it. Neither do i want to re-live that memory cause i got what i wanted. I guess the major reason for why we tend to look back in our past in search of happiness/whatever because of dissatisfaction with our present, not that we can help it cause its human to be dissatisfied. I think least/most we can do at that hour is look back be happy and move on as soon as we can cause that dilation time is pretty deadly, nostalgia kills efficiency and straight hood(…i meant psychological straight hood you perverts).

  5. Come one come all…
    Welcome! 😀

    and the situation was of the hilarious kinds as per your understanding…wts a pvt. DTC btw?! 😛

    waise kuchh solid heavy statements maare hain yaar tune…teri itni understanding hai?! I’m amazed!

  6. private DTC = private buses runin on DTC routes

    ” On arrival of one of the stops, they hug one of their own who’s about to get down and go on a new route of life, shouting adieus with mixed, confused emotions.”

    you dont do dat on a DTC bus. Well if you do, people would call you stupid. lol…tooo hilarious to handle. Heavy statements, no way. I suggest you try that Staff bus i’ve mentioned and if at all some day you start swinging the other way round, you’d probably realize what i meant. Now thats a heavily deep statement. Think about it. 😉

  7. you know he first time i saw the link of this blog i thought it was ” fatticompani.wordblah blah.com” …lol…i mean fatiicompany…lol…okay okay,,,this aint your scrapbook.

  8. no dear,,there is a staff bus,,a special pvt bus that runs almost illegally on the route of 392 (60%) + 505(20%) + some other unknown bus route. it runs only in the morning and some times at eve. it caters only to staff employees of certain companies and students. try reaching telephone exchange 7:00 am in the morning, you’ll definitely get it.

    and seriously women…this aint your scrapbook

  9. wtf.. what’s happening ppl..!!!??
    have u ppl gone crazy.. discussing some stupid bus’ stupid route on the blog page of an upcoming writer!
    leave the DTC, Pvt DTC and all the nonsense out of here. I think we should dedicate this place for literary revelation and not personal knowledge on delhi bus routes and all the other nonsense. Go to each other’s scrapbook for that.. for god’s sake.
    ankur dear that statement ” On arrival of one of the stops,……. confused emotions.” isn’t meant in absolute literal sense. so please stop skinning the cattle.

  10. what’s worse… abandoning a cherished moment, or not getting to live any at all?

    My answer is two folds:
    a. just live every moment without worrying if that moment will be cherished down the road or not – if it does, its good and if it doesn’t, then does it matter?
    b. you dont want to feel poor when remembering some old times and old timers, do u? the answer to this should give the answer to the question u raised!

  11. 5 years back I fell from a Delhi bus, that doesn’t bring back any happy memories for me though 😀

    back to ur blog aftr long time, have been busy with loads, bangalore->mumbai, work->studies will keep me busy further

  12. i thought i’d rather ask for the highness’s forgiveness for my recent sinful act which by the way i am. parul, i am sorry.

    Apparently, i am rather amused by the way things are going in here. Way to go people. I always knew this article was something about parul getting stalked, hit(…i meant physically) or what ever at buses that evolved into some strange nostalgia poured out in the blog.

    dude bareria, you just got to look upon the article from this end and believe me its more beautiful this way.

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