When You DO Nothing At All…

Sometimes it so happens with me, that after a long spell of busy schedules and deadlines, a phase comes where it gets difficult to device a single errand other than breathing, which in any case is an involuntary action…It’s the worst of all the ways to harass a poor soul… make him sit all his life, doing nothing except inhaling and exhaling… you know what this state of affairs culminates in?
Your mind doing overtime, to compensate for the unwarranted lethargy that takes over you body…
Now, Mind doing overtime is not exactly good news… you might end up thinking of the long forgotten incidents from past, that may either make you nostalgic, or anguished, depending upon the memories u muse on…

It’s not just these mindless musings that are a cause of concern… as the wise would tell you…

Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings – always darker, emptier and simpler.

So your state of ennui could fill you with an unreasonable and inexplicable despair… a dislike for the world in general, a malice not directed to anybody in particular, but encapsulating each and every person you meet, or don’t meet…
One doesn’t need the comprehending skills of Aristotle to figure out that all these are not what one would call healthy symptoms… its like an abyss you keep falling deeper and deeper in… but you cant skip through this phase, can you?

The only way out my friends, is through!


P.S. Pulled out of my previous blog… written some 2 yrs back… sigh…those were the days…I wish I could be so velli now… though i know i would have hated it just as much as i did then…but heck! who likes this hectic life neway! It’s a Catch 22 like situatin i guess…or maybe, its plain foolishness to never like life in its present form…

5 thoughts on “When You DO Nothing At All…

  1. grrrrr
    U again serving your readers stale products!

    anyway, on the sentence in bold, i think i have a different opinion: Feelings (and hence the mood) is the reflection of one’s thougts and tend to be darker, emptier and more complex

    And I believe it is more useful being busy than velli/vella as then my opinion does not come true!

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