Blogs, as far as I know, have been around for quite some time now… And I remember bumping into one odd article about blogging in its varied forms in the papers back then.

Things seem to have changed now, and I am amazed at how media has almost obsessively started talking about the subject lately, thanks to the potshots that our not-so-celebrated celebrities make at each other on their blogs. I have my reservations to a lot of things around here, but I’d rather keep them to myself… I’ve realized, with time, that an undirected fury shot in the open hits none but your own self… hence… 

I read in one of the papers some time back about a thing called ‘blogstress’ – a phenomenon where bloggers addicted to their blogs stress out their grey cells to come up with the best post(whatever that means! ) around and spend sleepless nights and restless days to conjure something out-of-the-box(Reminds me of the new HP ad series about Innovation). What was even more astounding was that the article also had views of some psychiatrists on the issue. I mean… it’s gotta be serious with the psychiatrists and all…!

Reading about this blog-o-mania, I was wondering if I have become one of those obsolete bloggers who write for their own selves… Maybe even this small corner of the world has also been invaded by… well… those who occupy the other larger corner of it…   

I don’t know how dear the situation is… As for me, I still enjoy my occasional blogging and blog surfing… It de-stresses me on a stressful day… Having said that, and with the article still running in my mind… I’m wondering… am I okay or is something wrong with the world??? Like for so many other things in life… I wouldn’t know the answer to this one too… 🙂


4 thoughts on “BlogStress???

  1. At last something “fresh” here – LOL

    As for blogstress, it depends on how one takes his/her blog. You must be aware of Desi Pundit, Amit *, and a few others who actually earn good monies through their blogging and have made a career of sorts out of it. If I recollect correctly, then Amit got his job because of the popularity of his blog! For them, i believe, blogging becomes an art and if it does then isn’t it good that they search for their masterpost just like a painter/sculptor searches for a masterpiece. If we admire the latter and encourage them and at times eagerly await for their next work of art, why do we refer avid & serious bloggers to psychiatrists?

    And as for you, don’t worry you are no where near anyone of those as you make your readers tired of waiting for something fresh on your page and when you do, there is a good chance that the stuff is stale and served again!!!! 😛

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