“Billion’s a Big Number”

I’ve been planning a visit to my blog (and do a bit of surfing around) for quite some time now… But lately, it’s become a routine to have all my plans jeopardized, to the extent that one plan well executed makes me look up and question the cosmos if it’s plotting department is on a vacation.

Last few weekends have seen me either traveling or visiting nearby market places (read malls…sadly flee markets are history now) in Delhi and NCR. Every trip, apart from reviving my otherwise mundane life, also leaves me amazed and exasperated at the sheer number of mortals around me.

Are we sane! What are we doing?! I mean hell! We are so many!

It’s amazing that how many of us plan the same thing on a weekend. You go to a tourist place, and you realize you are one of those crores attacking in swarms, the streets of an otherwise quiet and serene place . You plan a quiet shopping weekend and thanks to your colliding plans with the junta around, you risk being stomped by unaware co-shoppers. The Sale season has made it even more difficult these days.

On one of my travel fiascos some weekends ago, when me and my younger bro were trying hard to plant our feet on ground (rather than someone else’s feet, it being a spiritual place made the feat even more hard to achieve) my bro said in his usual pensive way… “Di… Billion’s a Big Number!”

Damn well it is… and on weekends it’s unleashed in every nook and cranny.  Barring one place of course… Not much of Junta in offices on a Saturday… but that’s known only to the few unfortunates who find themselves planted in the wretched place even on a Saturday…. Anyway, that’s a discussion for another time…

Hope it was a great weekend you guys had… 🙂



7 thoughts on ““Billion’s a Big Number”

  1. and i thought u were trying to get rid of ur blogging habit after reading that paranoid article on it!!!!
    and that caused the long absence – LOLZZZZ
    anyways, the reason why people make same plans is because of lack of planning – lack of places to visit for the junta.
    But tell me one thing – does Delhi have a billion people or did all Indians decided (planned!) to spend their weekend in Delhi? Strange, now that makes me miss Delhi even more 😦

    and try to avoid office on Sats and devote 30 mins for a 25 lined post here instead 🙂

  2. I’m not done with blogging…not yet i.e. 🙂

    and Duh!!!
    we as a nation are close to a billion…! Delhi has its share too…and going by experience…I must say, it’s pretty high…

    ‘avoid Sats in office’…as if it’s in one’s hands…!
    How I could fill an entire blogpage on that! lolzzz!!! 😀

  3. oye, something for what u often blog about.
    Check today’s mint (mumbai edition) – it carries economic reasons for procrastinating action towards climate change!
    Whatever one’s opinion be, it made an interesting reading. Check it out!

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