Delhi University

I read the news about cancellation of a few promising NSUI candidates due to wrongly filled forms, some days back in the papers. It’s unfortunate to have one’s efforts gone to waste due to such imperative trivia. Anyway, that’s not the point why I write this.

The article just reminded me of the time a few years back, when I and a friend of mine from school had gone around the north campus filling forms for admission… Hindu, Hansraj, Stephen’s… It’s a different story altogether that neither of us went to DU ultimately… while she still had a fortnight long tryst there before moving to the States, I did not get a chance to attend a single class in the college I had taken admission in… Physics Hons…. Janta around me was amazed at my choice… Looking back, even I wonder how I would have faired at it… Like so many other dark alleys in life, this one too remains unexplored…

It was an interesting experience I must say… tiring but strangely enjoyable… there’s something about the university that sets it apart… though I can’t quite express it, but one just feels it when one’s there…

I don’t know what it is like belonging to the university itself, but those days spent in the scorching summer filling up forms and discussing colleges and courses remain a vivid part of my memory. And so do the NSUI/ABVP posters that just cant escape your realm of sight, thanks to their omni-directional presence… 🙂


14 thoughts on “Delhi University

  1. LOL
    I also remember my days of moving around the DU North Campus and filling up forms – enjoyed it a lot – and ended it very differently: took up Physics Hons!

    I read earlier this year that DU in tie up with a company has provided bicycles on rent for students to move from one college to another. Surprisingly, the rent, apart from cash, is deposit of certificates!!!
    I dont recollect whether it is Mumbai University or Delhi University which has started accepting admission forms online – that will definitely save the youngsters the summers but i am sure they will miss the fun 🙂

  2. @Tejbir
    Oh wow!
    You don’t seem like a physics kinda person though! You’re more of a kind who’s got freakonomics running like blood through his veins!

    Thanks for stopping by 🙂
    And hey! I could have taken it up… I still throw theories (at least their names) at the drop of a hat! Remember the screw-jack discussion! hehehe…

  3. I roamed around in the DU area sometime in 2002 summers, it was good and in hindsight I feel even I shud have put an app in…:)

    anyway thnks for puttin a comment on and makin me realise tht i still have a blog around…hav been loaded, FULLY LOADED with all but sleep recently 🙂

  4. haha, I will surely do tht, although have been sleeping nicely for 2 days now, shaanti before the storm 🙂

    btw added u to my blogroll, i now know wht was missin from tht roll now 🙂

  5. Though it is too late to ask (I had been travelling and returned home y’day):
    I hope all is well with u and ur dear ones after the misfortune that hit Delhi last week.

    Take care!

  6. hiiii!!

    i know u commented on my blogg looong back, and this reply is pretty late :D!! have been busy what to do..

    anyways..yes, i am back blogging, blogging junk i guess :D!!thanks for still remembering me!!hehhe


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