A little nothing…

Came across an interesting link while going through other interesting links.

Thought I might as well share it here for nonchalant passers by and more importantly to keep this little corner in the cyber space I can claim as mine, going…. 🙂

If a tree falls in a forest riddle


5 thoughts on “A little nothing…

  1. while the physicist in me urges me to dwell at length on this question/riddle, which as a student i used to discuss with my friends, I’d rather ask a new question to you….

    If u write a post and there’s nobody to read it, then have u actually written a post?

  2. As a concept we can say “nothingness” is not nothing. That is a contradiction thus such a state cannot exist if the world is logical. Just saying “nonexistence exists” is absurd. But an unobserved concept is also paradoxical and therefore unstable.Hence should not exist…

    Now a question for you: If dream is that event, then parul how will you interpret this paradox ?

    1. I see a very calculated and crisp choice of words here… not sure what is sought more…an explanation to the paradox or generation of yet another paradox of words… 🙂

      It’s an interesting question, deserving an equally paradoxical, unpragmatic answer. And since I disagree with you on most of what you said here, the answer would also get much longer for this space. So, I am resting it at that…

      Thanks for visiting! 🙂

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