A tiny little something

A friend sent across this link. It was a very refreshing and interesting read. I thought I might as well share it here.

I went on holiday to escape my London-based life of needless anxiety. Tragically, I’ve succeeded


Updated May 28, 2008(5:19pm)
Another one from the same guy and through the same friend… Nightclubs are hell. What’s cool or fun about a thumping, sweaty dungeon full of posing idiots?
I’m a fan!


5 thoughts on “A tiny little something

  1. @Harshit
    Kya chachaa… padho toh sahi!
    achhe hain! sachchi!

    I liked the first one more… but yeah, the second one is good too…and there are many more such on the site… check them out sometime.

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