Yesterdays that were…

It’s amazing what ‘today’ can do to you; add a few years to it. I just had a small walk down the memory lane (sic) yesterday and I was amazed looking at the dates of the photographs, the chat transcripts, the emails… In the small unmindful mind that I roam about with, it only seemed yesterday! And there’s so much that has changed since that ‘yesterday’… things that seemed so mature and important back then, made me chuckle silently at their ludicrousness, and it made me sad to realize that I had, due to some unknown reasons, ‘grown’ out of it…

Why do people grow wise and sad and serious! I remember having a very indulging discussion with a like-minded cousin on this, on one of those seemingly yesterday afternoons… we were lying on the bed lazily after lunch I think, and were in a matching ponderous mood (something that comes easily to people who don’t have much to do or think about otherwise… I used to be so often in that mode till some time back… sigh…).The discussion was an engaging one, where we pointed out the reasons behind this redundant development. But we dozed off before deriving much out of it. What’s interesting was that we never considered ourselves to be part of the ‘people’ we had been discussing. It was conveniently assumed that we were above all this natural phenomenon of ‘growing up’.

Every day that goes by has a story to tell… and every day to come seems so routinely, that it’s hardly given so much thought as should be gone into it perhaps… my wise friend tells me that one ‘should’ not think on the lines of what ‘should be’. So, I’ll let it rest at that. And perhaps it is the best way to live through the present… a lot of foresight doesn’t help in the long run. In fact, my experience tells me that it tends to sap all the joy out of what could have otherwise been a reckless, joyous day. And perhaps that’s the reason why as we grow, and become more circumspect, the potential happy memories of the past to come, tend to diminish with every going day.

Or maybe they don’t. But just that the growing up slows down a bit and so the difference between the past and the present is not as stark as it used to be. Perhaps a few more decades before the realization of another yesterday gone far away dawns… 🙂


20 thoughts on “Yesterdays that were…

  1. just do one thing
    diarise the following in your outlook/lotus notes calendar for June 10, 2012:
    “check blogpost dated june 10, 2009 on blog Austere Alacrity”

    And then, on June 11, 2012 tell me how you feel about reading this post then (provided we are in touch then – or at best write a new post on feeling then) and check if you feel grown up for this very post on june 10, 2009?

  2. and please dont tell me you’ve given up on blogging!
    Whenever I used to feel the need for some brain exercise, your posts used to come handy… 😉

    1. hey! no offense…
      Firstly my grey cells are not so sharp…
      and secondly, most of your posts were finance related – a subject I so want to understand, but my simple mind fails me… So your posts helped me grasp a few things here or there…
      I didn’t mean it otherwise… 🙂

      1. no offenses were taken!
        that was said in a jest
        as for my blogging, the delhi’s summers are taking a toll on me (seems i’ve lost touch after a decade of my absence from the city)
        longing for delhi winters for a cozy blogging 😉

  3. as if MBA had not my life so complicated, ur blog just makes it much more complicated

    why don’t we look for some simplicity while doing anythng!!!

    1. kya ho gaya tujhe? itna frust kyu hai aajkal?
      and its a very simple post yaar…all that I wrote here is so normal and ordinary… it happens with everyone…think about it. 🙂

    1. I am observing much more than that… but some observations are best kept to oneself 🙂

      As for you, I hope you write at least one post this year!

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