Sneezy – wheezy – Rainy

I love rains… and I enjoy common cold. A mix of the two is one of the most surreal combinations possible.

I know it sounds stupid, but I like the sleepy, drowsy disposition that comes with cold. And I like the nasal tone too. I like the slow, sluggish blanket that surrounds one’s actions and thoughts. I like the fact that I can’t speak much, as mostly, I don’t like to speak a lot if I can help it. I like the perennial body ache and the stress on one’s ribs due to excessive coughing.

I like the fact that I can enjoy a hot cup of tea/coffee and even if I burn my tongue in the process (which is a routine ritual when I am having tea/coffee), it makes no difference, ‘cos it all tastes the same! And because of the point mentioned before, my office lunch becomes more edible than on normal days!

Having cold in monsoons makes it all the more enjoyable, ‘cos one doesn’t have to try too hard to slow down a bit to enjoy the downpour. The surrealistic effect of rain is so well complemented by the absentminded state of a cold stricken being.  The erratic sneezing and the lightheadedness it brings is a psychedelic process of sorts.

Getting drenched in a heavy rain in such a state and the numbness one feels with it is insurmountable. And from the time one feels a chilly shiver run down one’s bones after that, to the time when one is dried up and anticipating fever, every moment is so livable. 

Finally, what’s best about cold is the extent to which one appreciates the return of wakefulness and clear-headedness once it has subsided. (I am yet to reach this stage, but I have been through all the rest so far. ;))

At the cost of sounding more insane than I have already proved myself to be, I’d like to conclude that cold is one of the few harmless indulgences one can enjoy at one’s own expense.

Having said all that I have said… I wish the world a good health, body and mind!

And to all my fellow sneezers… enjoy the lull… Happy sneezing! 😉


12 thoughts on “Sneezy – wheezy – Rainy

  1. ah! the delhi rains – only one who has experienced them knows that though they aren’t as popular as bombay rains, they are in no way less enchanting and exciting!

    it was after a decade that today i experienced driving in rain in delhi (in mumbai no one drives in rains – boring!)
    the wet shining roads in night reflecting street/road/traffic lights makes one’s eyes lit up with joy as of a one year old who is experiencing it for the first time.

    and to add to your hot cuppa tea/coffee, nothing matches having a plate of pakoras in the rain!!!

    but one thing that i am missing in this rain is the smell of mud (in punjabi we call it as “saundi khushboo”) – seems in 10 yrs delhi has become too concrete. but i retain that smell well in my cerebral curvatures

  2. Wow! That was a lightening response!

    Rains are beautiful… and yes saundi khushboo is gradually becoming a part of one’s memories alone now… but thankfully there are places around Delhi that still retain the traces of the old times. 🙂

      1. i was not referring to the word alone but also the general impression one gets after reading your post.

    1. Common cold has become a scary concept of late… thankfully I was done with it just before the flu hysteria caught up… 🙂
      So, to answer your question… Rains(which do show up at times) might have many for company,I have excused myself for the timebeing 🙂

  3. Well i like only the first part i.e. getting drenched in the rain…it makes me happy for some surprize reason which i am still not able to find…..I don’t want to get that Sneezy part because i don’t want to blow the harp from my nose and almost flood my neighbours with the infected content.

    Take care and Have Hot Lemon Tea.

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