Interesting hobnobs…

Casual acquaintance:  Didn’t see you having lunch today? Fasting on Janmashtmi, is it?

 Me (with my most radiant smile): yeah…

Casual acquaintance (with a surprised/amused look): Oh good! It’s nice to start one’s day with prayers. Sort of cleanses you…

Me: Err… didn’t get much time to pray in the morning… so I just sort of thought about God for some time on my way to office.

Casual acquaintance (suppressing the cynical smile): Okay… and you’ve been listening to rock songs since morning, right?

Me (with a sheepish smile): I didn’t realize it was loud enough to sneak out of the headphones…

Casual acquaintance (attempting to end the conversation): Never mind that… but staying hungry for a day is marked devotion I’d say…

Me (in an attempt to be modest): It’s nothing really… besides, I just went to Haldiram’s… they had some stuff for fast takers…

Casual acquaintance (between unctrollable laughter): So, you are fasting for a God you didn’t find time to pray by listening to rock songs since morning and eating sweets and other delicacies from a famous eat out joint! Wah Bhartiya naari wah!

Casual acquaintance leaves as I get back to my “rock songs” sipping flavored milk from Haldiram’s…

Oh and btw… Belated Happy Janmashtmi people…!


18 thoughts on “Interesting hobnobs…

  1. well, the funda is…
    each partical (however small) is created by God. So are the delicacies of Haldiram’s, Pizza Hut, McD etc etc.
    It is all the more devotional if one savours on such delicacies created by the Almighty for His/Her cherished species – humankind.

    Go, lady go, and have that delicious flavoured milkshake. You are just being all the more devotional and pious by giving the image of god in you a taste of this “mrityulok”

  2. nice one… religion in the 21st century

    what abt the special lunch you brought that day? i thought you were going to share it with us.

    1. Fasting is loosely connected to devotion… but tell me something… what is devotion connected to? 🙂
      The main aim of fasting is to not abstain from food but to abstain from things like lying, cheating, abusing and all similar “indulgences” for a day…
      but as they say…To each his own! 🙂

      1. “And in India people…”… looks like an outsider’s view to a foreign land… which I know for a fact is not the case…
        kinda hurtful to my patriotic sentiments… 🙂

      2. Devotion has got network of its own…ha!!

        You know it much better that on fasting day how you spend day and night dreaming about Mr. McDonald!!

  3. :)..

    just curious.. pl. dont mind.. dont these kind of “casual acquaintances” sometimes piss u off.. I sometimes feel that they should mind their own business..
    on a serious note.. happy janmashatami to u too..!

  4. Fast karne ki zarurat nahi, its upon u

    when kanhaiya had so much makkhan, he wud expect us to do the same 🙂

    and Oh Haldiram, here I come, for 2 months you get an awefome cuftomer 😀

    1. You know what… this blog has always been a more or less a-post-a-month blog…
      trace it down to its roots and you’ll see… 😉

      And you should talk about yourself!
      Duh! Dont get me started… :X

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