Whirled This…

 It’s a weird place, this world of ours. And it’s getting weirder by the day. Its not simple demand meets supply as the books would teach you. It’s not a straightforward two and two make a four either. It’s a world of unending aspirations and unyielding insecurities where demands go unsupplied and all the twos in the world add up to two. It’s a world of conflicts and manipulations, disguises and blatancies. It’s a world where justice is subjective, chivalry selective, benevolence conditional. It’s a playground of the high and mighty and also the conniving mortals adept in the skills of manipulation deemed unhealthy by the now obsolete books of virtue. 

There’s contradiction written all over, look in any direction. Each mortal is wary of the other and aspires to inflict on the other what is his own greatest fear. Success is a hateful unjustified scheme as long as it’s not one’s own. Friends are friends as long as they are usable and as long as they can’t use you. 

Reminds me of a small something I had written ages ago, which doesn’t necessarily fit in, but has a loose connection with the current context. 

“Logic ain’t logical anymore,
The world’s no longer straight.
Love and affection mixed with gore,
That’s my current state.

My eccentricity is justified
At least to me it is.
The loner goes back in her hood,
Let the world enjoy its bliss.”

PS: I know it’s not a balanced view of the world, and my rationality tells me there’s a greater and better world out there than I have hitherto seen. And to be fair, I have seen better than mentioned above. Let’s just say, I had to fill some space here. 🙂 



4 thoughts on “Whirled This…

  1. well, if the world was not as weird as u have described it here, wouldn’t it be a boring, monotonous place to live in where every one is honest to the core, wearing no disguises, engaging in no manipulation and always answering four when asked whats two and two 😉

    on a serious note i would have agreed with you if only i were sure that there is no soul who has something weird to say about me. Since many people like me and almost equally many hate me, I’d say the world is like this only and lets join the world and enjoy the bliss together!

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