It’s winter already. The air is colder and water icy. I had the luxury of a stroll this evening (a rarity in the rarest sense of the word possible) and all the lights and other adorations of neighboring houses gave the feeling like it was Christmas… which made me worry about the environment, bringing the thoughts of global warming etc to my mind. But those thoughts were short lived for I remembered all the Christmases and winters gone by. Christmas holds a special place… perhaps because of all the Archie’s comics I have been reading since I was 7 years old. Back then as a young girl Christmas was magical. The impression, at a very subliminal level, still lives on

I have been listening to Mr. Jagjit Singh a lot lately. And have developed an insatiable appetite for the ghazal “Baat Niklegi”. I have these seasonal bouts of ghazals, while at other times (which I am afraid last much longer), I am so off them that I completely forget, and not deliberately, that there is a side to me that appreciates them. I used to have a double cassette collection of his ghazals and each one of them was the very best. Especially a live performance it had, called “Baju Band”. Sadly, I lost that cassette to a relative who borrowed it to never return, and I never asked for it again. The interesting part is that I never looked for the collection ever again in any of the music shops. Neither did I try searching for the song online. I just began to miss it intermittently, like I am now. Talk about self apathy and a passing one at that… 

Read the front news story today… about “raising the bar” for IIT aspirants. How unfair can it get I wonder! Reminds me of a short story featured in the Sunday Magazine of The Hindustan Times a few weeks back, written by Chetan Bhagat. I had planned to write about the story here then, and also about the writer… but it all just got lost in my head somewhere. It was a very well written piece and very successfully encompassed the current raison d’être of the Indian middle class. Perhaps it would still be available in the HT archives, and should be searchable online.

I am reading Paulo Coelho currently. Actually, that’s part true. One of the books I am currently reading is Paulo Coelho’s. The others are a book by Mark Tully and a classic by Thomas Hardy. The Paulo Coelho book is an experience of sorts. I don’t want to finish the book, because I want the experience to stay on.

The Christmas feeling also reminded me of another post I had written some years back on winters. I hazily remember giving its link in another post before too. Though after reading it I realized the impression I was carrying of the post was very different from the post itself, I’ll paste the link here (again perhaps) anyway. Hopefully if the thought lives on, I’ll write a fresh winter post this season (not that anyone’s waiting for it with fingers crossed… but that was never a reason to write) 😀

The Winter Post 😀


14 thoughts on “Random

  1. and i thought with winters approaching, this blog would “freeze” but then the winters harbinged the thaw!

    i for one am waiting for winters as this would be an experience i will find after losing it for close to a decade. I missed winter wardrobes, winter sun, winter jogs, winter smokes from mouth, winter roadside tea and then girls and babies look even more pretty in winters – all cuddled up in wool!

    It seems the blog would show more “alacrity” during winters when other species hibernate and exhibit “austerity”! 😛

    1. Till some years back… I hated winters…
      But I have grown to like it now… 🙂

      And alcrity always needs some amount of austerity to keep things at a sane level…
      I hope I can give some quality time to my blog though… It has been neglected in the later half of this year… Honestly, I have been very out of ideas lately… just the fact that I like to write has been keeping it going… hope that changes, and I have some austere ideas that I want to write about with alacrity! 🙂

      But with your blog its a different story altogether! Tell me seriously, have you given up?!!

  2. I like Tom and Jerry a lot. And also Goofy.
    But guess more than anything else, I like a hot cup of lemon tea. Besides being good for health, its aroma is what pulls me to it everytime.
    I went to this place I had to go to, only to realise I was late and so I returned and plan to go there again next weekend. Hope I’ll make it on time.
    I did not read the papers yet again today. I dont know when I’ll grow bored enough to make it a habbit to read them everyday. I read a book everyday though… but newspaper… well…
    I like all colors… have no favorites… actually, my favorites keep changing with time… wonder how people can have a fixed favorite for all times… not me…
    I have read Catcher in the rye… for some strange reason, I could not fathom, I liked it… But I like books generally… But a few book have been much to my distaste… like for example, the one that had this guy writing about something to do with the somethings he wanted to write about… didn’t like that one bit…
    I think I like junk food… but then I know that I should not eat it…
    I think…….I somehow feel… no, actually I know for sure… but well, there are always some doubts… but it’s well founded…


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