Tick tock tick tock…

The hours were followed by minutes, minutes followed by seconds, seconds by hours and so on. I looked at the clock, wishing it would break its rhythm and slow down, or fasten up, or stop forever. But that was not to be. At least the last five hours had proved the reliability of time was for real, just as they proved its ruthlessness and practicality.

The food was cold long back, and was kept right where it had been placed… untouched, undisturbed. Food had never interested me. While I had my share of binges and cravings, it never ruled my life. And it was not a concern even today. It had always been people, not necessarily selected on some criteria. But people in general. People who happened to touch my life due to one reason or the other…

Talking about people, there were quite a few walking outside my room. While I knew some of them, most of them were unknown. I did not know why they were there (though I had a hunch), and I did not like the way they would steal a glance at me from the semi open door of my room. I would pretend ignorance most of the times, but sometimes, when it got beyond my endurance levels, I would stare back at them and shrug or ask what they were looking at. But it didn’t seem to have any effect. There was a young girl of 8 or 10, who would often run by my door every once in a while, trying to peep as she sped across. I am not sure how much she could hold of the fast moving frames set in front of her running figure. She was a pretty girl, and I wondered what had brought her here.

There was a window in my room, but I kept it tightly shut, opening it only occasionally and for some minutes to re-circulate the air. There was a sturdy green tree outside my house, visible from the window. It looked resplendent with its glistening green leaves in the daytime, but as darkness approached, it took formidable shapes and forms with the help of the wind. It was mostly windy outside. And I guess chilly as well, for the people I saw were all dressed in overcoats and mufflers, and still shivered as they rushed to and from my house.

It had been a long time since I had been out of my house. So long, that I had lost track. It seemed a lifetime had passed since the day I had walked outside my house on that fateful day when I had that accident.  Needless to say, it changed my life. On reflection, it did not exactly change my life; it just stopped it, right there, in that one flash of a moment when it all happened. The events are hazy; I guess my brain shut off before the memories could register, only to return when everything else stopped for me.

Mind is impractical and silly. It plays with ideas and refuses to give up even when your body can’t comply to its demands – just and unjust alike. In my case, I had never pulled any reigns on it… had let it fly high and run wild as much as it wanted to. And hence, it was getting impossible to tame now, when my inabilities and limitations were at its peak.

The door was opened wide now, and in came one of the unknown men hovering outside my room. It knelt near my body, and looked into my eyes. It examined the cut on my wrist and checked my pulse, which unlike the clock had stopped 5 hours ago.

I was free to fly with my mind… I was free again…


10 thoughts on “Free…

  1. after randomness…
    comes exploring freedom of being random
    or is it
    exploring the randomness of free flights

    in anyway, randomness is anytime better than

    1. Happy New Year to you too!
      and c’mon! random is good sometimes…
      try writing random stuff kabhi…
      have you read Catcher in the Rye btw??? 🙂

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