Of dreams and otherwise…

Can you put a beautiful singing bird in a cage and keep it happy? Can you keep it content? Can you make it want to stay there? Can you make it sing with the reckless indulgence warranted by the wilds?

And to avoid all this, can you let it fly high in the wilderness on its own? Would you be okay if it did not belong to you alone? Or if it did not belong to you at all?

What is one to do if he likes the bird that he sees? Enjoy the moment it sings and get on with life after that? Though I find it to be the best solution personally, I am told it is too ideal to be put to practice.

I have wanted a lot of things in life. And like most, I too haven’t gotten even close to getting most of them. The few that God has been gracious enough to provide have turned out to be boons and banes bundled together. While in some cases I realized after getting my wish that I shouldn’t have asked for it, in others I felt that what I got was too skewed a version of my wish to be lived. And then there were things that were just perfect on the face of it and later turned so awry that I was left wondering what went wrong and where.

Is it then right to want something? Perhaps, life is a set of predestined events that will take place anyway. Why live in the illusion of making your life turn around as per your dreams and aspirations? Or perhaps even dreams are to be dreamt to make way for an eventual consequence that is anyway bound to happen.

People talk about the power of dreams and how the whole universe works with you to make you achieve them. To the few who claim they turned their life around with the power of their dream, I ask, how can they be sure their lives would have been any different had they not dreamed? Maybe it just had to be that way?

Sometimes one’s dreams are too thoughtless, and sometimes they are too beautiful to be maligned with the darkness of practicality. A beautiful dream should not come true, because then it meets the steely periphery of reality and either gets distorted or simply succumbs to the coldness. And a thoughtless, kiddish dream should not come true because it generally turns out to be a nightmarish experience one begs to get done with.

One should live rooted in the reality, never swaying in sorrow or joy. For they both leave one so empty and hollowed out in the end that one feels weak and foolish for a long time to come. And the recovery from such experiences is often profoundly painful and immensely enervating.


5 thoughts on “Of dreams and otherwise…

  1. Dream is a brief glimpse out from a door barely ajar.. It may or may not completely open ever. But as long as you wake up with the sound of alarm in the morning, it’s another day to give it a shot. There’s nothing as vulnerable and as strong as a dream.
    It’s as much of a vent as it’s a foundation.
    Dont let dreams die. Death of dreams is one to mourn.

    P.s This means I can see the blog 🙂

  2. Nice theme!
    Dreams,aspirations, hope, sorrow, joy etc. are what makes us humans. I guess it is impractical to be immune to these emotions and believe that life is a series of pre-destined events.

  3. @Avantika: Very rightly said sweets! And, I have made the thing public again… hence you(and I without logging in) can see it… 🙂

    @Surya: Agreed… But, it’s not easy going through these roller-coaster rides all the time!

  4. first – why do you think that God has given you everything – what you asked and what you didn’t….i believe that God is concerned only with the immaterial and incorporeal matters of human. In matters that are temporal and ephemeral (S)He is not involved

    Its perfectly right to want and desire for things – as this desire is the cause of human’s progress from being a caveman to one dwelling in sky scrappers. The only thing is that one should simultaneously be aware of one’s capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. This helps us in wanting things we truly deserve and/or can handle

    As for the dreams – i seriously believe in a joke about dreams that i read in childhood. It goes like this:
    friend 1: yaar ye dream kya hota hai?
    friend 2: dream ek aisi movie hai jo bhagwaan muft mein dikhata hai

    1. Hey Tejbir… Thanks for stopping by.
      First of all, pl. take what I wrote here just as a piece of writing.
      It doesn’t necessarily reflect my views (at least not completely).
      I was only writing a point of view that could exist… Another of the so many interpretations possible to the human mind for the existing. 🙂

      I like the joke… a very good one indeed!

      And I know I shouldn’t ask since it is very clear…but still… Have you really given up on blogging??

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