Every other day…

What if God was one of us
Just a slob like one of us
Just a stranger on the bus
Trying to make his way home

The song has been playing on my mind since quite a few days now. I am experiencing a lot of changes, circumstantially… while like most things in life, these too are temporary… but they are solidifying my perspective and outlook in a more permanent way than anything has before.

People are interesting… not one soul has THE perfect life… there’s at least one piece missing no matter what heights you achieve, or what echelons of fame and prosperity you touch. And I wouldn’t just call it a man’s greed that keeps him from attaining THE state of mind where he is unmoving like the mountains, and light like a feather. Circumstances play their role dutifully.

The few who achieve a state of eternal bliss and calm are the ones who have renounced the world and matters associated with it and have set about seeking the divine as the sole purpose of lives. Unless you take that extreme course, life will never cease to be the roller coaster ride that it has always been. Mitigation of pain, cushioning of impacts is all possible and done by many through multi-variant means ranging from smoking, drinking to sharing personal bonds with special few to resorting to meditation and other similar practices. But the fact remains, the effects are never absolute.

And that makes me wonder… if there exists the supremacy of a higher being, often called God… how would he possibly fare in the setup that we live in… away from the reclusive abode that is often attributed to Him and His likes?

In the place where the burning ambition of handfuls sets aflame anything and anyone that as much as touches their path to perceived glory… Where ego runs the show, and accommodation of ideas and perspectives is despicable as a sign of weakness… where poverty runs so extreme, that infants born to dead mothers are fed dirty water instead of milk… where naiveté is abused in heinous forms everyday… where the powerful and the corrupt run the show unabashed with great élan… where men and women are beaten, burnt or tortured to death for lame reasons… where almost every day, every individual feels cheated while cheating someone or the other… would His supremacy still last? Would He still be as calm and wise as the scriptures claim Him to be?

I sometimes wonder if renunciation and this whole idea of eternal bliss and after-life is all a farce, devised by some bright chaps to keep some semblance of sanity in our world. To give us the ever elusive hope for a better day someday, living or otherwise. And one fine day, when redemption doesn’t come our way and we die… and well, that’s it…, just die… would we know that we were cheated by this whole idea of the cycle of Karma and stuff all our lives? I guess no… as we’ll be too dead to realize…

I am not a non believer or an atheist… and I am not a staunch conformist either… I am an inquisitive soul who finds conflicts in beliefs, both old and new found, and facts almost every other day… and I really get lost at times… and on days when I run out of all explanations, factual and imaginary, I see how pointless my wrestle of thoughts is… but what’s the point anyway! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Every other day…

  1. a random collection of my thoughts on topics alike:

    – a human searching for God is akin to a fish looking for ocean
    – man can only aspire the state of perfection; whether (s)he achieves it or not is the will of the Almighty. Man/woman is too busy in rising in the eyes of fellow human beings, it’d be worhtwhile if (s)he tries to fall in the eyesight of the Supreme Being instead
    – Renunciation is a synonym for quitting. One has to achieve that detached heart while doing the duties of the world (as said by Kabir and by Dev Anand in the song Main zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya)
    – On existence of God, as Einstein said: If God did not exist, it’d be necessary to invent Him
    – One is full of ego, another is weak, another one is comic, yet another timid and the next one is a cold blooded …isn’t all this the variety of His art!
    – God is without vision or mission just like a child who while playing in sand creates a sand house and decorates it with fondness and when mom calls breaks it non-chalantly and forgets it – exactly similar is God’s behaviour……all living beings are like sand houses for Him
    – Once Rabindranath Tagore jumped with joy when he saw sunlight falling on a pond of clean water and also on a heap of garbage. Similarly, God resides in the butchers like Hitler and also in Sri Sri Ravi Shankar….like sunlight, His “godliness” is untouched by the person….He is the one who slobs, He is the one who begs, He is the one who gives alms, and He is the one who writes these posts and makes lesser mortals wait for a good reading

    1. You’re a believer… and I am somewhere there, but not quite…
      lets rest it there 🙂

      But I must say… I am mighty impressed by this assortment of thoughts… Very ineteresting!

      And plz tell me what you have done to your blog?
      Every time I try to navigate to your page, the blogsome.com home page opens!

  2. have u seen a stone thrown into a pond? the mud and other particles deep down try coming out- as though they wish to the sunlight.. they come up as though breaking out of their prison.. eager to see a new world outside… but the water around- push them down.. keep them down..

    i think there is a similar mechanism in us too… every time we try to get near towards knowing that which we are suppose to know- we are shown either lies or the fruitlessness of our searches! we quit….

    i am agnostic.

    1. Hey Tejbir..
      A very happy Diwali to you and your family as well…
      I too am glad to know that you still hail in the world! 😀

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