Break a leg… or something…

I wanted to give my post this title. I don’t think I am going to do any justice to it. The only relevant word in it is “break” and I took a very long one when it comes to this blog.

One should keep taking breaks to break the routine and then, breaks from these breaks when they tend to replace the routine to become new routines.

I was writing all this while, stuff not as random as I write on this blog… but random enough to make me develop a slight distaste from the whole idea of writing for a short time. Probably that explains the break. And with that, we are pretty much done justifying the title.

Back to the post… 😀

I was at an ice cream parlor in a mall over the weekend. One of those outlets where you taste the flavors and select the one you want. There also was a rough looking burly fellow with his two nephews tasting the ice cream flavors. The man at the counter was a short old man, trying hard to hide his impatience from all the tasting the burly man and his nephews were doing, not out of courtesy but considering the size and mannerisms of the man standing across the counter. I waited patiently for the trio to decide over their ice creams, order them, pay for them and leave the old man free to focus on me. And just when I opened my mouth to ask for a flavor to taste, the man shot off, looking at me like I was the sole reason for all the inhumanity that has ever come across his way – “ Yaha main akela hoo, agar taste karna hai toh upar wale outlet pe chale jao (I am the only one taking care of things here, if you want to taste ice creams, go upstairs to the other outlet”. Had I been younger by a lot many years than now, I would have politely excused myself, asked for the directions to the other outlet and left, suppressing my anger and flushing with the insult of being talked to like this. Had I been younger by a few years than now, I’d have said something like – “ accha, mujhe choco chip ka ek scoop de do ( okay, give me one scoop of choco chip ice cream)”, felt angry at not being able to try the other flavors and ordering my usual and left eating my ice cream sulkily. But since I was as old as I am now, and in the frame of mind that I have developed lately, I said almost involuntarily to my companion at the mall – “Incompetence has become such a virtue that people guard it with vengeance.” Turning to the guy I said – “Mujhe do flavors taste karne hain, yeh aur yeh, fir main decide karungi kya lena hai (I want to taste these two flavors before deciding which one to take)”. He took two spoons, digged them in the ice creams I had pointed and handed them to me dispassionately. I took my time tasting the two, deciding the flavor, thinking if I should act mean and not buy anything or go for the ice cream I wanted. Decided on doing the latter and walked with my ice cream.

Why do I mention this particular incident? I am not sure. Maybe because I am proud of coming with such a deep meaning line (ahem) about incompetence and virtue and vengeance without much thinking! 😉

Or probably because it is symbolic of a few things that have changed inside of late, and more so because it is symbolic of the times we live in. I could talk about the things inside, but they are just tiny little things that don’t count when it comes to passive blog surfing. And yet, they count enough to not be subjected to such treatment of nonchalance. So, will concentrate on the pathos of the times we live in.

But do I need to? I could write (in fact had already written by the time I realized if I need to or not) things like – Impatience and intolerance go hand in hand in our times. Politeness is considered as a sign of weakness. If you generously take a blow or two in the name of whatever holds you from giving it back, chances are your attempts at averting the future onslaughts will be treated with such incredulous feelings of hurt and betrayal, that you would be branded incapable of the very feelings that were holding you back in the first place. Every action of man is so mechanical or driven with purpose and motive that promises of pristine love and claims of true friendships seem like bitter jokes. People are role playing everything, hardly feeling anything. The laughter is phony and so is the anger and hurt. So anguished is everyone, that even that feeling has ceased to stir anything inside.

Do I really have to focus on that? It is so rampant and so much there, one can’t escape it.

Guess I could have taken a longer break. I still am as dry on good topics to write as ever before. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Break a leg… or something…

  1. So an ice-cream parlor guy inspired this post. Wow! Did you really say, “Incompetence has become such a virtue that people guard it with vengeance”. I wonder if he understood.

    I do agree with your assessment that politeness is seen as a sign of weakness.

    1. I actually said that line… I came up with it so effortlessly and spontaneously that it is unbelievable! 😀
      But I didn’t say that to him… said it to the person accompanying me to the mall(and the ice cream parlor)..

      I am not too happy about the agreement… Had you not agreed to my assessment, and told me it is otherwise, I’d have been happier… Not a big fan of the roadies style generation that we are turning into…

      1. What have we had easilly Surya?
        We pay a heavy price… it is reflective in our impatient, materialistic take on life…
        seeking short cuts… finding success and meat even in the most casual of endevors…
        crazily chasing some unknown echelons of some unknown repute…
        we are becoming zombies…and celebrating the process…
        It has not been easy… and it will only get harder with time..

  2. actually i am finding it hard not to believe that you have actually broken your leg else you wouldn’t have found time to visit your blog and feed us with your random thoughts. But anyway, a big relief it is because i was sure the next update on this blog would be something stale from your trash/recycle bin which you often do after such breaks – feed your readers with stale matters LOL

    coming to your post:
    1. congratulations on your closing in to Wordsworth, Shakespeare and the ilk that you were able to come up with a deep meaning line with heavy words so effortlessly! LOL (don’t mind, just kidding)

    2. On a serious note, I don’t think the ice-cream vendor exhibited incompetence, which in my opinion would be not performing one’s duty to the expected competency levels. He, on the other hand was showing completency by being patient with the burly fella. Humans are almost always under something called halo effect. I would say his halo from burly fella extended to you as you happened to be the next in line. Maybe he knew that the other outlet did not have as many waiting customers as he did and he was actually helping customers by diverting them to empty outlet (impressed by his knowledge of queueing theory, btw). However, having said this, i can’t be sure as this opinion of mine is based on assumptions – hence the benefit of doubt

    3. i don’t agree with things labelled as “these times”, “changed times” etc as all kinds of people were/are present in all ages else i would really doubt ravana’s existence in era called sat-yug and mother teresa’s birth in era called kal-yug

    1. Tejbir… I have to admit! I really do wait for your comments here… whatever you do(or don’t do) with your blog… keep stopping by… your comments are interesting, insightful and bring in a fresh angle… 🙂

      I will not elaborate on the ice cream parlor guy’s plight… neither would I try to paint myself in a better light… I acted impatient and semi nasty… that guy could have done better… patience to the burly fella was not out of any call of duty he might have experienced…I am sure if I were a gruff, bulky 6 feet something impatient and dangerous looking guy, the same courtsey would have been extended to me as well…but since I happen to be what I am…I faced the brunt of it… what’e the queueing theory?

      There could be other terms perhaps.. but I call it incompetency to be reluctant (in fact rude and belligrant) in performing the job you signed up for and blaming uninvolved parties for it…

      I agree we have all sorts of people at all times… But times have changed… and they keep changing… while one Ravan made histosry in sat yug… so many go unnoticed today… or worse, are celebrated…

      and for the nth time… what’s up with your super freaky economics blah blahing blog?? 😛

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