2-3 Minutes

It is only 9:30 in the night. But winter complemented by the lonely stretch makes it seem like mid night.

She picks her phone, dials the number of the only one person she was thinking of at the moment.

“Hello… I am stranded here, about 8-10 Kms from home. A passing car asked us to stop our car gesturing something was wrong with it. I was on the phone; I don’t know what is happening now… I just wanted you to know”.

“Okay, wait for a while, let your driver check the car and give me a call again”

Phone rings in a few seconds.

“Do you have someone with you?”

“No… I am alone. The driver has gone somewhere.” she said, trying to hide the panic.

“Okay… stay in the car and lock the doors. I am coming right away.”

She looks around perplexed. She can see the driver at a distance, standing, and his back towards the car.


He pulls a jacket on him and gets out of the house in a hurry rushing to his car.

He knew what route she took, and sped his car there. He was aware of her skewed sense of direction and distance, and did not know how far 8-10 Kms were actually going to be. He was looking for a white car stranded somewhere on the opposite road.

It stood out from the distance. And something told him it was not what he wanted to find. The ball of orange stood out starkly in the dark.

He stopped his car and rushed to the other side of the road. From what was spared by the blazing embers it was a white car.


None of that happened last night. I and the car were saved by what my driver tells me 2-3 minutes. And I gave another call to my Dad telling him he needn’t come, which probably stopped him just when he was getting his jacket before leaving home.

Life is precious, and it has ways of making that known if and when you forget. 🙂


6 thoughts on “2-3 Minutes

  1. are you a newbie to the winters of saddi dilli? Please note that here we don’t burn down our cars to escape the chill and the dark ;P

    btw, what was this?????
    if an experience like this is the cost to keep this URL fresh, I am sure your readers won’t mind the stale matter.

    1. I am not a newbie to Delhi sardi… but this was a new experience altogether… 🙂

      and I am not (yet) so out of ideas for this blog that I would have to resort to such dire measures! 😀

      But, since it happened, I thought I might as well pen it.. it was good drama.. 😉

      And to your what was this… let’s just say.. I had a narrow escape…pretty narrow going by what my driver tells could have happened in a few more minutes.. someone’s blessings worked I guess! 🙂

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