The evening was chilly today. I was walking outside, hands fisted in the pockets of my jacket, like a lone warrior in a barren land with parked cars for company. The wind was blowing very hard and it hit my face trying to make me realize the mistake I had made daring the outside in this weather.

I was watching my shadow as I walked. I got my hair cut shorter today… though not as much as I’d have wanted to, but I could make out the way it was playing with the wind with a new spiritedness of sorts… My shadow sometimes walked beside me, and with a turn, came right in the front, and with another better lit turn, disappeared completely.

I wanted to go back home, nothing outside was welcoming today. But the shadow held me and kept me going. I wondered what it was about it that was so different today. What was it that wanted me to keep it for company longer especially in the trying weather? Then it dawned on me… It was the fact that no matter who does and who doesn’t, she shall always stay.

And for that realization the pain in my throat that I am having right now, was totally worth it…

A Very Happy New Year to all…


8 thoughts on “1.1.11

  1. good start of the year, indeed!
    Yeah, our shadows are the only ones who give us company when its dark and the light is far – but then they too leave us when its both illumintaed and also in pitch dark – so i wonder whom to turn to in these two cases when loneliness makes it a point to bite sharper than the chilly winds – and the answer often is – self!

    btw, could not relate the pain in throat to the shadow!

    Happy new year

    1. yeah…its been freezing this year. I remember winters took their good time to come by last year, but this year it seems they started off their journey well in time. But, I’m loving it!

  2. ‘The ache to utter and see in word the silhouette of a brooding soul.’

    ‘The melancholy derived from the thought that we individually have
    been wronged is a cheap pleasure. The fact is, the sorrows that pain
    and ache, that gash the peace of a soul, are the ones men and women
    want to forget. We bring out the little bonbons of melancholy fan-
    cy and nibble with our friends, but there are crusts of reality we
    never let forth. We try to forget we have them.’

    And the silouette would say –

    ‘I am living my own God-given life with no excuses to offer anywhere but in the tribunal of my own conscience. I am careless, graceful, easy. I cultivate action without friction.’

    Comes close to the truth of a chaste life and thus it feels at home.

    Happy New Year !

    1. Thanks Matangi!
      Some great stuff happening at your blog!
      I am finding it difficult to catch up with it!
      Regret it dearly! 🙂

      Happy New Year! 🙂

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