The Outcast

He squinted his eyes to see,
The temple that stood afar
It was a grand structure,
Shining in dark like a star

He was an old man,
His way of life was fatigue
He gazed at the structure,
The temple held mystique

With uncertain steps he moved,
To the grandeur that lay ahead
He had no cane or stick,
No friend, and no surrogate.

On his way he saw great men,
Each one beautiful and pristine
With each step he regretted,
The audacity that had seemed so green

He searched for looks of hatred,
As the temple came near
But all he saw was indifference,
Something more severe.

He was treated like an equal,
Like he had wanted all along.
He was given time to pray
that was ample and equally long.

He stood there rooted,
The marble burning his bare feet
The light was too bright
He wanted to hit the streets

The sages gave their blessings,
The deities observed with a smile
The breeze was friendly and soothing
The greeting voices held no guile

The old man had lived too long
To take the changes kindly
He cursed one and all
And got out of the temple slyly

He did not care to pray
To the pantheons that resided
He missed out on his chance
Denying the acceptance he fighted…

P.S.Β “Fighted” I know is not a word. It was used to make the poem rhyming.”Poets” enjoy such liberties… πŸ˜›

Posted this elsewhere on Sep 25th 2007. It just came rushing to my mind today. And I am not surprised by the sudden rush, which in itself, is a surprisingly sad fact if looked closely.


11 thoughts on “The Outcast

  1. hmmm….poetry was something I hated if not more, then atleast equally as history…never understood why english textbooks had poetry…..stories were so good enough! (btw same for hindi/punjabi textbooks also)

    as for “fighted”, i remember my english ma’am telling in one of those boring poetry classes about something called poetic license. Guess you hold one ;P

    1. lol… Writing them has become very difficult for me these days… I miss writing them now… hence pulled this one from the archives… a grim reminder that I once could… πŸ™‚

  2. Wow! that hit hard…

    words that conveyed even the murkiest of the emotions that lay lingering in dark corners of a ‘taken -for-granted’ mind!
    loved the lines…

    “But all he saw was indifference,
    Something more severe”

    “The old man had lived too long
    To take the changes kindly”

    “He missed out on his chance
    Denying the acceptance he fighted…”

    πŸ™‚ beautiful!

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