The Idea

Last night, I slept when it became an absolute must to sleep… when my eyes hurt from staring at the screen of my laptop so much that they refused to comply any more. But last night was no exception. It had merely followed the ritual of the previous few nights.

I had an idea, and I had been nurturing it as and when I got time for nurturing my neglected self, which, needless to say, was mostly in the night, when the ties from the immediate, the imperative loosened for a few hours.

The idea electrified my being, whatever time of the day (or night) I thought of it. Over time, I had witnessed it turn into a glowing ball of fire from the tiny spark that it had been. And every night, before I dropped dead tired of evading sleep, I knew I was one step closer to my escape from the mundane. In the morning, I would wake up with a slight headache and a stupid smile, and after a few confused moments of deliriousness, would establish, contentedly, the reasons for both.

My days were becoming a drag, and my impatience with the pressing needs of the make believe world they called my work place was becoming a personal joke of sorts. But it was going to end soon – I was not going to be a part of anything where I didn’t belong.

My idea had become too big to stay in the confines of my thoughts now. It was always there, like the prime mover of my life, like my guiding force. Anything without that idea was inconceivable for my enamored self. That idea had to manifest into more tangible and perceptible consequences.

But there were hurdles in the way, bigger than any encountered so far. More difficult than conjuring an idea is convincing others about it. And tougher still is to explain to concerned well wishers why it is so important for you to keep that idea alive and hone it. My aversion from such explanations has often dissuaded me from discussing and pursuing a lot of things in the past. But it is different this time. For all I know, I will live only once. And that’s reason enough.

It is morning now and it is time to act. The few who care and who I care for, are getting on with the day, getting busier every minute. I walk up to them and raise my voice to get their attention.

“There is something we need to discuss”.

And a new chapter unfolds…


7 thoughts on “The Idea

  1. someone said, no can stop an idea whose time has come!
    So, go ahead. Guess its enough of nurturing and now the idea needs gardening and shaping up. Start that new chapter and ensure you script a tome. All the best!

    psst.: don’t forget an ocassional nurturing of your blog btw.

    1. Thanks.. and I totally agree..once an idea takes its full form…there is no stopping it!
      but this is a work of fiction : )

      My blog is at it’s plushest… with 3 posts in the month! : D

      1. so this was fiction?! best wishes wapas karo ;P or keep’em if this was fiction waiting to turn into reality 🙂
        and then the blog should be maintained in its plushest form till fiction turns a reality

        (i dont have that poetic/literary licence to use the plushest, but taking advantage of yours ;P)

  2. my ‘ideas’ have over-grown! they have become too deep-rooted down in me… i sometimes think i must have not let it stay for so long!

    good luck! 🙂 felt happy reading this post! … 🙂

    1. A deep rooted idea becomes an integral part of one’s belief system. It brings about a miraculous transformation in one’s thought process and actions. Probably if you look closely, you too would be able to trace the patterns.. 🙂
      For example, I can see your ideas reflect beautifully in your writings… there must be more to them, which only you can tell!
      Glad to write a “happy” post… it is a good change for me too! 🙂

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