Parul’s Smartass Theory!!

‘You think you are smart, but others are smarter’, said my horoscope a few days ago. And before you start judging me, I have to make it clear that reading horoscopes is a fun activity for me and a bunch of others like me. There’s nothing serious about it that is to be taken to heart. Definitely not from the horoscopes that crowd the daily newspapers’ tabloid sections.

Having said all of that, I have to admit that the line I mentioned at the start has somehow stayed in my conscience ever since I read it.

This is not because it’s a huge revelation. In fact, I know my smartness does not find a lot of conformity, but that’s not a concern, at least not enough to make me ponder on this stray comment in the horoscope section in a daily masala paper.

The reason why it stayed is because it has so simply put forth a very interesting and (more or less) generic aspect of human psyche. Don’t we all, even the most humble amongst us, feel they are the ones seeing the complete picture, or understanding the most in a situation, or knowing exactly what to do in others’ crisis.

And based on this, I put forth my Smartass Theory:

I think we carry two things on us all the time – a crown and a tail.

While the crown on our heads is heavy and we feel the weight of it all the time, others most of the times fail to see it. That crown has the word ‘SMART’  written on it in imposing letters of gold. And that word keeps playing in our heads, back to back, till it becomes an assumption so deeply ingrained, that we rarely identify its existence removed from our own.

Then there’s the tail, which we – the proud owners of it are completely unaware of, but for the others, more often than not, that’s all they can see. Needless to say that the tail has the other beautiful 3 lettered word completing my theory simmering on it, making it shine differently in different backgrounds to different eyes.

So, even though we carry both the crown and the tail, what we see in ourselves, others don’t see, and what others see in us is completely oblivious to us. But in reality we carry both – smart and asinine traits, among other things.

And my theory rests!

As with every great theory, there are exceptions to this one too… and the bigger the crown would be, the more convinced would be the proud holder of satisfying the exception! 😉


8 thoughts on “Parul’s Smartass Theory!!

  1. hmmm…
    first of all, thanks for writing something that mortals like me can comprehend 😉

    till now, smartass = an ass that is smart OR a smart that is an ass. But the theory makes them exist for each other…I think this is a break through theory that has revelation of deep rooted human behavior that psychologists and sociologists of the world had been looking for…basis this theory you can explain the two world wars, hiroshima, iraq war, gujrat riots etc etc where man either presented himself on the world’s stage as smart or an ass

    to cut it short, lets send this theory for next noble prize for peace/physics/chemistry/maths nomination – it’d fit any if the selection committee isn’t a smartass that is :)) LOLZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  2. That sure is one interesting theory… For one thing– it did made me think about my ‘crown’ and asinine side! I guess I have often worn the ‘later’ side most times… but sometimes, i feel ‘smartness’ is ‘over-rated’…. don’t ask me to justify that theory… i’m still working on it… A ‘Bridget Jones’ syndrome, perhaps… ! But that has definitely not attracted any Mr. Darcy!

    Good one! 🙂

    1. Oh Matangi, you’re not alone there!
      I think I too am one of those hapless “enlightened” ones, who happen to have seen their tail before the crown on their head really registered in the brain!
      I mean the sheer length of it makes it hard to not notice!

      But believe me, we are better off(or maybe that’s the crown speaking!)… Cos I have met people who have banged me with their crowns when I refused to see notice/acknowledge them..and that hurts big time! And wagging their own tails in their faces, makes no difference whatsoever! 😀

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