A Real Dream

Electrifying… is the only word that comes to mind as I walk in this labyrinth of beautiful men and women grooving their perfect bodies to the music of mixed voices and shouts and laughter… It is carelessness so infectious that it has filled my being seeping in through my pores making me so light headed… like I am born only a few years…

I feel like I am air… I’m gliding on a frictionless surface… free like I have not been in a long time… free and optimistic… optimistic and charged… charged and certain… certain and content… content and thoughtless…

Is this real or am I dreaming? I want to pinch myself but there is so much happening around that the thought loses track before reaching its conclusion. Few familiar faces are moving to a familiar beat and I join them. Am I doing this? Is this real? Is it me dancing carelessly in the middle of this hustle-bustle? And no one is even looking! I can’t be doing this! This has got to be a dream…

I could watch this drama unfold forever… I could watch this grand extravaganza of life play itself in all its glory and never complain about it being too long… I could trade my life for this… I could give it all away, just to board this new and glitzy caravan of intriguing strangers…

A thought keeps coming (among all the other thoughts)… it comes like a wave of undercurrent and makes every atom of my presence lunge forward to catch up with it. In a way that was not as theatrical as I had envisioned it to be, I already am the stranger I aspire to be… I am so close to the caravan, I can touch it… a little more strength and courage and I can lift myself on those colorful wagon steps and be a part of the frenzy.

It’s dark suddenly and I eagerly turn to look at the stage to catch the show… but what’s this? The spotlight… It’s on me!


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