Mulling the Tide of the Times

I am not a gender enthusiast, which needless to say is one of my many flaws. But the last few hindi (or its more popular cousin hinglish) movies I have had the chance to see have left me wondering if the kind of picture cinema has set out to paint for the women of today is becoming permanent in the eyes of the many (unknown fellow audience) men who sit around me watching these stories like they are their own. I have to admit, I laugh too for the sake of the candid comedy. But this branding of females is brash if looked at carefully.

Before anyone leaps at me for being a feminist in spite of claiming otherwise at the very outset of my rant, I would like to present a case for myself. I have had similar concerns for the movies of early 90s as well (after I grew old enough to make sense of them of course), where there was a hero, a heroine (no I will not call them lead actors or any such terms… back in the 90s, that’s what they were) and a villain (who shall not be called actor in a negative role) interested in abducting the heroine. I mean, come on! We can’t be so naïve. Let’s give more credit to a man’s (and woman’s) villainy than carnal pleasures.

So, my issue here is not gender, but branding of either of the genders. Of course, the current trend is more realistic and relatable given the story setups (unlike before when there were 25-30 year olds running around trees in college canteens or heroines running in slow motion to the bedrooms to fall stomach down on the bed to cry when their daddies without fail urged them to marry the villain even when they were in theory still studying in college), but there is some chaffing that is imperative, and I’m afraid not happening.

As I see facebook(and now google+) full of what seems like a chain reaction for the movies adorning our silver screens these days, I begin to think (which is by far my biggest flaw, way bigger than not being a gender enthusiast) of what impressions this is going to leave on our daily lives.

Or maybe I am receding into the old generation (where I always belonged), in which case, please dismiss my concerns as an old hag’s haggling (In my defense again, I too, like you young guys and gals of today, enjoy these movies).


2 thoughts on “Mulling the Tide of the Times

  1. With time taste does change and the presentation also changes. The thinking and representation of a film maker changes too. Although I truly believe there were a lot of excellent movies in the past and still the new gen movies can’t even be compared to them , but still with time the presentations, perceptions have changed.

    and by the way I feel majority of the film lovers who see movies for the understanding thinks equally like you and love the old gen movies

    1. There are good movies made all the time.
      And I am sure there are people who appreciate only the appreciable in the movies 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

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