Ordeals and Rewards

It’s a little over 6 in the morning and some hapless souls like yours truly actually dare the sinister winters of Delhi at this unseemly hour to make it to their offices at the regular office timings. Mornings are difficult, not because of the mere waking up ordeal, but thanks to the start of the winters, because of the getting out of your blanket ordeal too. Then follows the gruesome ordeal of  dealing with water for random reasons. Mornings are generally like assembly line processing – mechanical and methodical. After the inevitable regular tasks, there is just enough time left to make a dash for the exit and get out in the cold.

So I got out of my house today like everyday with semi dried hair rushing to reach on time when a gush of fresh, part chilly breeze hit me, and entered my nostrils as I was taking a deep and long breath. It’s a beautiful day today. Complete with the sluggishness of the sun and the desperate urgency of the buses and trucks and cars on the road. The slight haziness in the air is lending a surreal effect to the whole scene. Every time winter starts, I welcome it with the frown it truly deserves, but  every time it manages to impress me, one way or the other!

And I just don’t know what got me singing this, but I am humming it as I write this, like I had been humming it as I was walking on the road as well.  ‘What you don’t have you don’t need it now, what you don’t  know you can feel it somehow..’ Perhaps the breeze just whispered it in my ear! 🙂

I guess it is my song for today… for it is indeed a beautiful day! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Ordeals and Rewards

  1. I love the line “Mornings are generally like assembly line processing – mechanical and methodical.”, very well put across.

    Looks like you have a love hate relationship with winters a la “I hate you (like I love you”

  2. ah! winters of Delhi. How I used to miss them when away and how I cherish ’em back. Nothing beats – sunday sun in winters, cuddly babies all rolled up in wool and not to miss the girls who look extra beautiful in winters thanks to cold creams!

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