What was that?

“You never listen to me” she said, smiling indulgently at the man across the table. Her eyes looked intensely at him as she raised the glass of wine.

“When don’t I? I am your slave, can’t you see?” he replied laughing, arms thrown open defenselessly.

The musical atmosphere of the restaurant in the middle of the yacht is interrupted briefly by the shattering of the glass window. A bug goes shooting past the woman who ducks with practiced reflex and pierces some portly gentleman sitting at the bar. He collapses immediately.

The woman is suddenly alert. “What was that?”


Cue taken from here.


17 thoughts on “What was that?

    1. I can always trust you with some twist in a twisted tale like this one too!
      Wish u and your family a very happy and prosperous new year! 🙂
      God bless!!

  1. Great story! I suspect the woman who ducked with practiced ease may have had an idea of what was going to happen 😉 It’s a scene that would be easy to build a short story around it – you should write it!

      1. Ya. You can conclude it with something that goes “push karo khush raho”!
        Wishing you and your dear ones a great year ahead!

        PS: Are you there on fb/twitter?

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