“My perception is my reality!”

I heard this phrase after a very long time in a conversation recently. It’s not a revelation of course… it is one of those truths that  dawn upon you with the practicalities of day to day life even though you have known them to be facts since the beginning of time.

So, as is the case with my perception, my reality too is not real in the truest form of the word. When I can’t claim to be in complete cognizance of my own self in all aspects, I can’t expect others to know me any better either. But that’s beyond the point.

My point is, how justified are we in forming opinions and passing judgments about people when we know in the back of our minds that it’s all a game of situational perceptions? We are all well meaning good souls at the end of the day. Each one of us (and I speak of the normal dwellers of the harmless world, not the loonies who terrorize or create havoc, though they too are good souls lost in some mad world, but for the sake of simplicity, let’s just keep them out of the purview of this discussion) has a light inside that is unique, noble and divine.

And we are so many people bundled in one! To our parents we are little angels who brighten their worlds, to our siblings we are comrades who share room and laughs and secrets, to our friends we are like-minded people who they love to spend time with, to our foes we are monsters who have come to life only to make their lives miserable and to strangers we are another one of those interesting people they run into and forget about every other day. But are we any of that really? Perhaps we are a shade of one and a shade of another and an absolute contrast of a few of those perceived people, but none of them are really completely us!

At the risk of sounding self righteous and conceited, I have to mention here that I have always subconsciously tried to know people for an indefinite period of time. Not that I make an effort to do this, but I have never been able to claim to know a person completely… because I can’t! It’s like calling something a “fixed variable”! It’s paradoxical! I can’t know something that’s ever changing completely. And much as I would wish I can’t expect people to fit in my mold of perception infinitely! The mold has to be readjusted as and however a person changes with time.

My friends could be devils I choose to adore and my foes could be angels who rubbed me the wrong way! I could be an insufferable royal pain in the neck who just believes in her methods! It’s a make believe world after all… I make my own beliefs and discard them when they become unbelievable. But that doesn’t make me any real than anything else around me. It’s just how I choose to be…today… in fact, it’s just how I choose to see things at this moment!


10 thoughts on ““My perception is my reality!”

      1. Basically, this summer there is an on going event at ‘the dukes playhouse’ called ‘that thing at the dukes’. Each week there is a different theme and this week’s is imagery/perception. So we’re allowed to do several things ranging from songs, extracts from plays, monologues, that sort of thing. And I.Just think this would be perfect to adapt into a monologue.

      2. Sounds interesting.
        In case it is a non commercial activity, feel free to use this for your monologue, with due attribution to the original work.
        Please do share the feedback you receive for your monologue at parul.upadhyaya@gmail.com.
        Also if there is a recording of the rendition that you could share, I’d be happy to have a look. 🙂
        All the best,

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