Grow up NOW!

“I was doing exactly what I was supposed to”.

“I saw you entertaining that kid again. I don’t want such things happening around here, exit this ride now”, the inspector said drily.

“I was doing what you told me to do. There’s all serious work happening here”.

“That kid has to go! My man will take him away. No more childish rides missy, you are a grown up lady. Please take my hand now and get down.”

As it always happens, I touched his hand and pop I was back in the boring discussion of work packages. Growing up sucks!


A very late entry to the for this Friday’s prompt by Madison.

15 thoughts on “Grow up NOW!

  1. Dear Parul,

    I’ve been waiting patiently for your imagination to produce that fine piece of writing. A very creative take on the prompt and well rendered.

    See you next Friday.



    1. Really?? That’s heartening to know 🙂
      I had given up this time… this prompt was too tough…
      then I was at a boring meeting at work today and this came out of the blue! 😉

      Thanks! 🙂

  2. Hi Parul! Glad you got round to us eventually – you were missed on Friday!

    I found your story a bit confusing to work out exactly what the narrator was daydreaming about, but the refusal to grow up … that’s why we write isn’t it?!

  3. Haha, I can imagine that a boring meeting could spark that story. Life is fun and entertaining one minute, and work-work-work the next.

  4. Ah to have an imagination that takes one out of a boring place. I like the bit about her mentioning serious work, it’s like in her mind she is blending the two realities – she does her work, so why not let her have her fantasy? But eventually, one does have to step off the imaginary train. I hope at least that the meeting was over.

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