“I’ll be back soon buddy, go back in the house”.

You don’t understand. I can see the signs. Something’s not right. You should not go. Stay with me please.

“Reno! Stop pulling my sleeve! This is a brand new shirt. I have a date for God’s sake! Go back in the house now!”

You can’t go. Stop please…

“Okay, this is getting out of hand. Sit down or I’m going to chain you. Not a sound now. Sit!”

Reno watched meekly as his master walked away, a sense of loss clouding his mind, making him dizzy.

He could only watch.


Inspired by Madison’s photo prompt for this Friday.

24 thoughts on “Premonition

    1. You remember a story you read in your third standard? Wow!
      I read the wiki link… you might have got some connection since you had read Hachiko before, but I couldn’t find a lot of link, perhaps because I read the post first and then that story.

      You have a very good memory! Wow!

  1. but you know, looking at the dog, I don’t think it is any bit worried about the masters’ date. The poor creature is asking, rather begging for a clean thorough bath! The dog doesn’t seem to have been given a bath for weeks and that, you awesome writer, is its problem!

    1. haha!
      Thanks Tejbir… I only focused on the part where you called me an “awesome writer” 😉
      You should write the story of the shabby dog that you saw in the pic!
      Try once… it’s fun! 🙂

  2. Such a good setup to make us want to know what happens next! Good story, I liked your dialogue, too. The man should learn to listen to his dog.

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