On Life and Work…Well on Work…

Consulting is interesting. It engages you and indulges you and before you even realize, it sweeps you off your feet and into a whirlwind of unknown and untested. Never quite felt at home with what I was doing before.

There is no method to the madness and the comedy of errors has no end to it. It keeps you on the edge, makes you split your hair at times, and hits you where it hurts the most. But as you get used to the stink of the mess that’s around you, you do notice the faint sweet smell that lingers in the vicinity. Then it’s only a matter of time before that faint smell becomes the mainstream focus and the stink takes a backseat.

I also think that it’s Karma on fast-track. You get what you give and sooner than you know it. Even if you escape the direct heat by planning a quick exit strategy from the scene of crime, there are ways and means by which it gets back to you and hits you as hard as you deserve it. Hasn’t happened to me yet, not so much Bad Karma perhaps (not yet at least)!

I leave you with a song that has made me think of a new story every time I listen to it. But I haven’t even come close to penning down a single one of them. And I came across this song last year! So, this also serves as a shameful reminder of my procrastination! (But I haven’t given up on myself yet. I might just write a story and re-post the song with it.) Hope you enjoy the powerful voice! I just love it!

6 thoughts on “On Life and Work…Well on Work…

  1. did you consult anyone when writing this post? ;p
    Nevertheless, a consultant is one who can in effect be “the entrepreneur” of the business he is advising, provided he has real honest interest in giving the advice – have had first hand experience.
    You take care to watch your karma, keep afloat!

    1. That’s one kind of consulting. And I gather you don’t like those kinds. “Consulting” is an over abused term, and at the risk of sounding like another one of those fraudulent consultants, I would like to say, I do different stuff… B-]

      And since you made me go to this page, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consultant

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