Building Boundaries

It was a noisy college canteen with an omnipresent recklessness around. But the fervor failed on two undergrads sitting at a corner table, two empty forms spread on the table between them.

“You should apply, you’ll get through easily”, said one.

“And then? Who will pay the fee? I need to start working immediately, there are family obligations”, replied the other. “But you should apply.” he added.

“I won’t clear it. Talk to your parents, you’ll easily get scholarship”, first one replied.

“They will happily agree, but I don’t want to add to their burdens”, he said sadly, “and come on, I know you will crack it, believe in yourself”.

“I know I can’t. I insist you take it up with your parents. Imagine the kind of money you’ll make after you do this!”

And the two friends continued to fence their lives with barbed wires for the rest of the afternoon, attempting to unwind the other’s all the while.


Exceeded the word limit by a stretch, but couldn’t trim further.

This prompt brought a lot of ideas, but because of lack of coherence in my thoughts of late, couldn’t do what I had planned to do with it when I had first seen it. I haven’t really used the prompt, but the first thought that came to my mind when I saw it – boundaries that we set around ourselves and use as excuses to not do something outside of our comfort zones. Analysis Paralysis as they appropriately call it!

A very fine prompt Madison! Stimulating! Thanks for sharing! 🙂


43 thoughts on “Building Boundaries

    1. That conversation recently and I don’t know how many before that! 🙂

      You made me count the disclaimer, it indeed stands at 99 words! LOL! 😀

    1. Thanks Susan. How unfortunate that we are our biggest hindrances in life!
      I wish I could say differently in terms of relating with the characters…

  1. Very very interesting take on the picture! I like it. I don’t think anyone has written abou the metaphorical fence yet. Great work. I especially like the alliteration and the assonance at the beginning!

    1. Thanks for your generous comment.

      You make a valid point. I had considered naming them but another thought kept me from doing that… Wouldn’t giving names have made it less generic in its nature?

      I have been to your post already. Very good work, like every week! 🙂

      1. I wondered if you were trying to make them “everyman” by going nameless. I personally think most readers are strong enough to see themselves even throgh named characters, but I take your point and it’s completely your decision.

  2. Oh, I understand that. It’s hard stepping out of our comfort zone even if it means getting something we want. Nice thought.

    1. Glad it all worked out for you in the end! 🙂
      Happy you liked it. I too wish I had a selflessly supporting pal in my growing years… Don’t come by very often do they? 🙂

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