Alicia in Wonderland!

Alicia sat up surprised. How did she get here? Last she checked she was at BJ’s with Michelle enjoying nice Italian dinner and wine. Then that woman showed up, smiling as always. Alicia smiled back warily. The woman walked up to her and touched her hand. All she remembered after that was Michelle’s surprised face and that woman’s welcoming smile as she pulled her hand.

She looked up and there was a rainbow like trajectory from the sky ending where she fell. There was a more pronounced trajectory at some distance as well. Fat woman fat trajectory, slender Alicia slender trajectory -made sense.  The woman would come to her soon, imploring her to return to the throne of blah-blah-land.

At least my dreams are grand, Alicia chuckled.

She rested on the green grass, enjoying the sun, waiting for Michelle to wake her up at BJ’s.


45 words longer and 2 days late attempt at Madison’s Friday prompt.

Given my circumstances, it’s a feat that I m…a…d…e it! 🙂