Breaking the Ice

She walked nervously into the studio – uneasy on her still recuperating feet. Nothing had changed – the sound, the energy, the laughter, the careless joking around, and the youthfulness, everything preserved like a page from a book.

No one noticed her enter, not that she expected anyone to. She herself never noticed others and yet she noticed everyone’s moves and styles, much like everyone else. She wondered if she should quietly merge in the shadows of the group or make an effort to say hello to the few who might recognize her. A voice called out her name while she was still debating.

“Maggie! Class, look who’s back!”  It was the cute, dimple cheeked trainer, what was his name? Ah, Alex!

“Hey Alex! Hello everyone!” Maggie replied, laughing and waving at everyone.

“Good to have you back! Those who’ve joined new, she is an old one amongst us. Reason why you didn’t see her before is because she met with an accident and fractured her leg. She’s one of my favorites here!”

Yeah right, isn’t everyone! Maggie thought with a sigh.

“Okay class, get into your positions. We will be practicing pirouettes. For the ones who joined in today, pirouettes were originally part of ballet and hence they found their way into Jazz too. Jazz pirouettes are different from the ballet ones in the sense that the movement is sharper, hands more angular, unlike ballet where it’s softer and more graceful. We will start with quarter pirouettes and go on to do full pirouettes by the end of the class. And if you can do double or more, you are in for a special treat from me!”

Maggie had counted days and weeks and months sitting in her wheelchair, waiting for this day when she would resume her dance classes. What she had thought she would feel standing on the studio floor was a lot different from what she was feeling now. Suddenly, she missed the excuse of her wheelchair and the promise it held on its exit from her life. She was not ready for this; she could not be here, with all these happy people. What had she been thinking all this while!

The voice of the trainer interrupted her thoughts.

“5…6…5…6…7…8… OUT, PREPARE and UP and DOWN…







Say with me!


Alright, let’s do it with some music now!”

Before she knew it, Maggie was shaking with joy! Never mind she looked clumsy in each one of the mirrors around her. She was still weak and her feet tired, her heart was pounding from the overwork after months of inactivity. But she knew that her muscles still remembered everything. Muscles always remember what the mind forgets!

The music started at full volume and the trainer fiddled with the music player to get the right song.

As he signaled everyone to get back in position, Maggie couldn’t help but smile, her heart dancing a beat of its own to the music. It felt good to be back!



Ahh, dancing is such pleasure! But this was mostly to break from my writer’s block! I am still struggling with it. This is not quite what I wanted to write! 😦

I leave you with a song I would love to see a Jazz performance on!

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