Always Close

I don’t feel inspired anymore, I don’t feel us anymore, She said and turned away from him diving straight down the stream for some alone time.

Sitting on a rock by the stream, she felt at peace – no decisions to make, no battles to lose, no disappointments to forgive.

And then she saw it. The wretched damselfly! It had been around all this while!

Always close, watching…

“Mother! Why can’t you leave me alone?!” She called out amused.

“Precisely because I am your mother” The fly replied, turning into a gracefully aged and smiling version of her own self.


Constructive criticism is welcome! 100 words for Madison’s Friday Prompt:

16 thoughts on “Always Close

  1. I was thinking that I would hate for my mother to appear to me as a damselfly. Lol. This was great. Nicely done!

  2. What is she going to do to get away from her mother who is always hovering close? Grow up and fly away, I guess. I’m #2 on the list.

  3. Hi Parul,
    Nice to be in touch with you. I liked the way you moved the tone from serious to light and being in the damselfly’s point of view was very fun. Thanks for reading and commenting on my story.

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