I was crossing a winery after a long time… A flashback came to mind…

Uncle Brad’s cellar… nimble furtive steps… The shorter boy watching the door… The taller girl reaching for as many bottles as she could hold…. Gleeful chuckles… A horrendous crash of bottles a few steps from the door… panic…

Uncle Brad didn’t punish me or my younger brother. In fact he was so amused that he offered us one of his best wines for tasting – our first ever.

But he told mother too and the dose we got from her tasted very different; wasn’t our first either.


100 words for Madison’s Friday Prompt:


19 thoughts on “Reminiscence

    1. Thanks for taking notice.. I made a deliberate attempt at the simple writing style. Good to know it came across as anticipated! 🙂

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  1. Hi Parul,
    I like Uncle Brad. He sounds like the kind of uncle we all wish we had. Nicely played little vignette and the mom sounds like a disciplinarian type. Great story.

    1. Thanks! 🙂 And I too wish I had an Uncle Brad in my life.. Perhaps being one for a bunch of kids would be fun too! 🙂

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  2. LOL, I think the kids have raised mom’s ire before. Maybe Uncle Brad knew she would be hard on them so he gave them the wine to make it up? Wow, I’d love to have a wine cellar!

      1. when my kids were teenagers ( sometimes they would get into trouble, and I could only smile ), except when their mother was near!

  3. Good story of mischief, mercy and perhaps a little tea delivered via a grape vine branch from mommy. I remember being administered apple tree tea and having to cut a suitable switch myself….

  4. Hey, LOVED this one. I am amazed at what you stirred. I could picture the scene as if I was remembering – creepy. Oh, and the different tastes of the memories played so nicely. WELL DONE.

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