Lovelier Everyday! :)

 of Hurdles to Happiness has been kind enough to nominate me for the “One Lovely Blog” Award.

My second in a span of 3 days! (I didn’t get time to update earlier)

Thanks a lot for being so kind to me. It has honestly taken me by surprise, but I feel encouraged and I will strive to stay lovely and become lovelier in future!

Dan is studying a subject I have always wanted to study – Creative Writing. I did engineering instead and am now stuck with a job that doesn’t allow me the time to pursue Creative Writing courses available around, and believe you me, I have tried over and over again…

That being that, I am super glad I came across Dan, and I hope to learn whatever little my bird sized brain can grasp from his blog. Thanks Dan, I am humbled that you found me worthy of this nomination. 🙂

The other details about the award and my nominations can be found here.