Helios – Part 1 of 5

The dungeon smelled of dampness. It was eerily dark and the only form of light was a candle in a corner. The flame stood still, poised in the dankness, not moving as though in respect of the captor of the walls.

Helios – The Invincible…  Rafael whispered menacingly in Helios’ ear.

Helios – The Messiah!  He shouted, shaking with rage.

Helios – Oh Helios, if only they could see you now. If only I could tie you to the foot of a donkey and take you to your subjects. The deluded rascals venerating you like God… But you are mortal, lying here comatose at my feet, where you truly belong.

Then why are you still afraid of me Rafael? Why have you chained me when you very well know the poison has affected me so much that I can’t even stand on my feet? And still, you have tied me so I can’t move the muscles that no longer take my command. I stand no chance in a duel with you if you choose to challenge me now. I knew you were dull, but this cowardice has let me down. You are my half brother for heaven’s sake; don’t malign the blood that runs through my veins. Challenge me you traitor! Helios growled.

Rafael laughed.

Heroic talks of valor and spirit! You think these insinuations have an effect on me? You think I care about your pristine bloodline? “The Keepers”, “The saviors”… I am the ugly blotch on your legacy. How does it feel to be “kept” like this unto death? To wish for some miracle to “save” you? How does it feel “Your Highness”, to have a devil like me share the father you idolize?

Helios smiled.

You love fishing for insults, don’t you? But calling yourself a devil is highly conceited even for your sake. It would take you many lives to be taken so seriously. You are but a little prick that hurts the sole of one’s foot when one is walking too fast. You go unnoticed most of the times and when you do come to attention, you are to be plucked out of the skin and thrown on the sidelines of the path. Call yourself a devil to humor yourself in the company of a charming lady you have coaxed into coming with you in exchange of some false promises or remuneration. She might, for a fleeting moment believe you, but I my dear Rafael, am better than that.

Rafael stared at Helios with hatred. Helios – in all his glory and grandeur, lay in front of him poisoned and chained, and yet his magnanimity was intact, his eyes shining like they always did. He commanded respect even in his helplessness. Rafael shrunk back in the shadows of the alleys, lost in his own insecurities.


This is an attempt for Inspirational Monday’s prompt – “Fishing for insults”.

I am planning to make a story using all the five prompts given this week in five different parts of the story.

I don’t have a clear plot yet, but I plan to end the story with this piece as an epilogue.  I had written it as part of Friday Fictioneers once not so long ago. 🙂

Hope to pull it off! 🙂