Bo Peep in the City

What is this place? Wondered Bo Peep,

No rivers, no streams, no peaks so steep!

The grasslands are missing; no soul on the streets,

The paths are hard, made of concrete.

The houses are tall, the doors shut tight,

The trees are few, with no birds in sight.

What is this place? How did I get here?

My wretched sheep! She cursed in fear.

Bo Peep had walked long, her mouth was dry,

She looked for a spring or a stream nearby.

She looked all around, her throat now parched,

A tap went past, but on she marched.


Thought of trying something different this Friday… 😀

98 words for Madison’s Friday Prompt:

31 thoughts on “Bo Peep in the City

    1. Yeah… it is very different… I didn’t know what I was getting to even while writing it…
      I just wanted Bo Peep in my post! lol
      Thanks for stopping by!

  1. You did a great job of contrasting the city and the country in a different way. And it was fun. Too bad she didn’t now about spigots! She’ll have to stop at a fast-food place for a drink. 🙂

  2. Lovely poem, Parul. I really enjoyed the spontaneous rhyme.
    Poor Bo Peep didn’t know what a tap was, did she?

    Nice take on the prompt.

  3. I like this take on a country girl in the city. Your poem really worked well and the part at the end where she walks by the tap-wonderful.

    My only thought is “My wretched sheep! Cursed she in fear.” might work better if you changed word order back to “She cursed in fear”. The sudden reversal caught me by surprise (but then again I’m a big hairsplitter!).

    1. haha! Thanks! 🙂
      I knew this prompt would call for serious stories, so I thought I will humor the passers by on mine for a change! 😉

  4. If only she’d recognized the tap! I like the lightness of this, mixed with the frustration and danger of being in an unknown place, needing help. You have a nice touch

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