Mirror Mask

“But she told me she bought her dress from Rodeo Drive last weekend!”

I smiled. “Why are you surprised? We know that she’s a habitual liar.”

“Yes… but she lied about her wedding dress! How can she?”

“Maybe she told you the truth and lied to me?” I suggested.

This got my friend thinking for a while.

“What did she say to you exactly?” she asked, eyes knitted deep in thought.

“Well, she brought up the topic without my asking. She said she hadn’t bought her dress yet and was planning to go to Chinatown this weekend”, I replied the hundred and one-th time. “But how does it matter?” I added jovially. “You know how she speaks in multiple tongues – whatever sounds the best to whoever, whenever. Her words are a reflection of your thoughts. And since I don’t care either ways, she might be just practicing a new lie on me. See her dress at the wedding and decide for yourself”.

“But this is not done!” My friend replied in dismay.

Sensing there was more to her displeasure I asked, “Why is this bothering you so much?”

“I…” She uttered and stopped, then continued with a sigh… “I fought with Jim because we cannot afford a dress from Rodeo Drive! My wedding is just a week after hers, I want to look better!”

“Oooh, Bridezilla!” I teased.

“Shut Up! I feel horrible now!” She replied gloomily.

“I am glad you don’t know about her wedding cake…” I muttered under my breath.

“What about it?” She shot back, her eyes piercing into mine.

It took her a few seconds to realize… Laughter!


My attempt for Inspirational Monday’s prompt – Mirror Mask, this week!

From what I gathered, Mirror Mask is a movie I have never heard of… And I am very sure the phrase has a very different context than how I have used it in my story. I will research the movie now, I wanted to keep my take on the prompt uninfluenced by it! 🙂

(To any die-hard Mirror Mask Fans I might have upset – My ignorance is my bliss! 😉 )