Whose Problem?

“I think mankind is lost somewhere… Over time, we have become so shallow, so selfish, so sullen… I think we are losing the grace our race started with”, she said, gazing in an unknown space.

“I think you think a lot.” Her bored companion grinned.”You know… A man who knows only a hammer sees everything as a nail… Don’t think this fits though…”

“But the hammers are being used wrongly don’t you think?” She brooded.

“Hammer guy’s problem. I don’t wanna get trapped in your thought web. I’m going out, if you want to join, get ready in 15!”


This is my second entry for this week’s Friday Fictioneers.

The other entry can be found by clicking on this link.

In case you haven’t been on that story, following is my take on this week’s prompt:

I see this web as the web of over-analysis and over-thinking in which I have witnessed a lot of people and even myself get trapped many a times. My experiences reflect that while thinking is a must, over-thinking is detrimental to many a dreams and aspirations. And worst of all is generalized over thinking on matters that are not going to go anywhere by your mere thinking. Things like the environment, local or global politics, crime and the works. If something has caught your attention that you find deeply disturbing, then DO something about it – even if that something is starting a blog to build awareness, it’s enough, but don’t sit in one corner and brood sine die! I have met so many “great” thinkers in the little time I have spent in this world, that I think if they actually start doing something about the things they think about relentlessly… this world would be a better place…

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